About Claremont College

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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Claremont College. In 2012 we celebrated our 130th anniversary, making us one of the oldest independent schools in Sydney, if not Australia. We love our school and our fabulous school community. As you tour our website, I am sure you will see that Claremont College is a school where students and staff are ‘inspired for life’. It is not an easy task to describe the depth and richness of our school but it is most certain that the ‘My School Website’ and associated data (published annually) does not even come close in attempting to do so.

I hope that the following words help you to paint a picture of why I believe that Claremont College is wonderful school and a safe and nurturing place for children to come to every day.

"Claremont College is a Christ centred, child focussed school filled with learning and discovery, excitement, fun, creativity, colour, music, sport, drama, challenge, celebration, care and friendship, family, encouragement, a love of God in Jesus and a love of the fullness of life."

Equipping children with the skills and attitudes to be happy and successful in life has been the work of Claremont College since it was founded in 1882. Initially established as a girls’ secondary day and boarding school, we are now a thriving co-educational primary school with approximately 360 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Doug Thomas, Principal
BA DipEd, MEd(merit), MACE


Vision Statement and our Core Values


Our Mission Statement

Claremont College – A caring Christian environment in which each child can develop academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


Our Core Value Statements

Engaging learning through quality teaching across the curriculum with innovation and creativity

Building a place of excellence with firm academic foundations

Growing and affirming the character, leadership and a sense of purpose for each individual child

Providing a nurturing school community through care and respect for self, others and the environment

Honouring the rich history and heritage of Claremont College

Having faith in Christ and following His word in our lives


Our Key Priorities for 2017

  • Fostering a culture of learning across the school

    Continued development and implementation of the Australian Curriculum

    Rewarding and celebrating the academic successes and other achievements of students

    Making student learning more visible through learning intentions

  • Maintaining student well-being

    Reviewing the schools student well-being policies with particular focus on anti bullying

    Targeted programs including social skills, cyber safety and leadership training

  • Creating global links to foster in students global and digital citizenship

    Partnership with Bali Public School

    School community trip to Bali

  • Ensuring the professional growth of our teachers

    Further development of the co-teaching process through the AIS Educational Research Project.

    Creating a culture of improvement through the AIS Embedding Excellence Grant

  • Reviewing and developing the Learning Support (including Gifted and Talented) systems and structures

    Measuring and tracking of student performance through data, NAPLAN and standardised tests

  • Contributing to the professional learning of the wider educational community

    Claremont College staff presenting at conferences and professional development

    Educators visiting Claremont through the Professional Learning at Claremont initiative.

  • Enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of spaces

    Continuation of refurbishment project including the Clondarra Music Centre and Kindergarten and Year 1 classroom planning

    Upgrade of ICT infrastructure – server hub

    Reception and Administration refurbishment

    Aligning core values to the visible environment eg Indigenous Art project, gardens and play spaces

  • Developing a Claremont Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Framework and Reconciliation Action Plan 2015

  • Developing an ICT 5 year Strategic Plan

  • Collaboratively develop a Claremont College 5 Year Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Students Talk About Their Learning 2011

Students talk about their learning in 2011


Students Talk About Being 'Inspired for Life' (Speech Day 2013)

Claremont College


Anglican Schools Corporation

Claremont College is one of 19 schools owned and operated by the Anglican Schools Corporation (ASC). ASC is an incorporated body that was established by the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney to develop and operate Anglican schools which aim to provide affordable, quality Christian education to local communities. The finances and operations of ASC are separate from those of the Diocese. ASC neither receives financial support from the Diocese, nor does the Corporation contribute financially to the Diocese.

The ASC Group Office provides financial and other administrative services to each school within the ASC group. A small portion of income received by each school supports the overall operation of ASC, which not only includes providing services to current ASC schools, but also includes assisting in acquiring or establishing additional ASC schools. To this end, the number of schools in the ASC group has increased from five in 1995 to 19 in 2014.

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