Year 7 From 2024

As you would be aware, our School Leadership Team has been organised over the last twelve months to ensure an appropriate amount of time could be invested into deliberately exploring Claremont College’s strategic and future direction. During this year, we have consulted with our school community on our growth plans more than ever before and have heard your desire and support for Claremont’s expansion to a Kindergarten – Year 12 school.

Over our expansive history of 140 years, Claremont College has provided both primary and secondary education for 85 years, so it is with great anticipation that our vision of returning full circle, is in reach. On the eve of our 140th celebrations in 2022, we are delighted to be sharing the news that we are hoping to commence secondary education with Year 7 in 2024 and becoming a full Kindergarten to Year 12 school by 2029.

With this new chapter we have the rare opportunity of starting with a blank canvas to develop a secondary experience that is unique to Claremont. Our new campus will be grounded in our core values of collaboration, innovation and compassion, and steeped in the traditions of 140 years of renowned Claremont College academic and pastoral excellence. The passion and commitment of the school community have both motivated and supported us to get to this point.

The Anglican Schools Corporation (TASC) has also given its support to our developing Business Case and will further collaborate with us as we move forward with our vision.  Our search for a suitable site is underway, targeting suitable locations within a 5km radius of our existing campus. See link for some further details.

How you can get involved

As a parent of a current student at Claremont, we would like to invite you to join us on an exciting new chapter in our school’s journey.

We are currently asking for expressions of interests (EOI) and your EOI will allow us to move forward confidently and with greater certainty. Indeed, your EOI will convey to TASC that our school community eagerly desires a pathway into an affordable, innovative co-educational secondary education that carries with it, the traditions and culture of the Claremont experience.

Expressions of interest are now open for current students from all eligible year groups (K-4 as of the end of 2021). Completing the School's EOI form is the first step to applying for admission into Year 7. The accompanying $200 application fee (per family irrespective of the number of siblings) is refundable and payable by credit card or can be billed to your 2022 account. We anticipate opening this application process outside of the Claremont community from March 2022. At this point we will provide further information and answers to the many questions that we know will be asked.

Submitting an EOI will place your child(ren) on the waiting list for the chosen year of entry allowing students who are currently enrolled at Claremont College to be prioritised for the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. Having your details will also allow us to keep you regularly informed with updates, and to partner with you in collaboration and consultation. Importantly, your response will assist us to plan and move forward with confidence.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Claremont throughout 2021, especially during an eventful Term 4.

Doug Thomas