In October students in K-6 participate in whole school assessments in Literacy and Numeracy. These assessments are carried out each year and information gathered from these tests will be used to inform the end of year student progress reports, to inform teaching practice for the end of the year and into early next year, and to determine individual progress for each student across a 12-month period (October to October). Assessing students in October is in accordance with the test manual/s of the selected assessment tools.

The three assessment tools selected to gather information in Literacy and Numeracy are: Reading Progress Test (RPT),

Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT), and

South Australian Spelling Test (SAST).

Students (K-6) will be sitting a selection of assessments, as outlined below:

Kindergarten - Reading Progress Test (RPT) & South Australian Spelling Test (SAST)
Year 1 - PAT-Comprehension, PAT-Maths & South Australian Spelling Test (SAST),
Year 2 - PAT-Comprehension, PAT-Spelling & PAT-Maths, and
Years 3-6 PAT-Comprehension, PAT-Vocabulary, PAT-Spelling & PAT-Maths.

The PAT-Comprehension Test and the Reading Progress Test are calibrated on the same scale, which means that we can compare the results from one test to another. As a consequence, we are able to track each student’s progress and achievement from Kindergarten to Year 6 in aspects of literacy and numeracy, whether students sit the RPT or the PAT. The numeracy achievement of Kindergarten will be tracked by students sitting the SET4School Numeracy assessment.

If you would like to access further information on these assessments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brenda Dalheim
Head of Learning Support

13th October, 2017