Christian Education

At Claremont College, we place great importance on instilling strong Christian values in our students. We believe that the values of love, respect, kindness, and empathy are fundamental to the development of well-rounded individuals. Therefore, we offer several opportunities for our students to learn and grow in their faith.


Our Chapel Program is one of the highlights of our week. Every week, our students gather for a Chapel Service where they participate in worship and listen to a message from a variety of our Christian staff members. These teachers provide a thought-provoking message that is geared toward our students in an age-appropriate way, to help them understand how they can live out their faith in their own daily lives. This term, we are looking at the Armour of God and how we can use this in our lives to help us stand strong in our faith. Students take turns in leading prayers, leading worship songs, and they practise the memory verses. These Chapel Services provide a great opportunity for our students to come together and worship as a school community.

Scripture lessons occur each week in class, where students hear stories from the Bible, sing songs, role-play, and complete activities with their peers in an age-appropriate way.  

In addition, students are able to take part in a variety of other clubs that seek to give students the opportunity to meet together, in a casual setting, to encourage and motivate each other. 

Cru Group is held each Thursday at recess for any student in Years 3-6. This term we are going through the Book of James, investigating the ways it can provide us with practical wisdom to live out genuine faith through good works.

Bible Study Breakfast is run on Thursday mornings for Year 6 students, who meet casually over a light breakfast and dig a bit deeper into a specific part of the Bible. In this group, we work together to dissect and analyse a passage, and then apply these messages to our daily lives. 

JAM (Jesus and Me) is for students in Kindergarten to Year 2 and is held on odd Monday lunchtimes. Here, students hear a bible story, listen to Christian music and complete some hands-on activities that teach of Jesus and His good works. 

At our school, we believe that a strong Christian foundation is essential to the holistic development of our students. We are committed to providing an environment that fosters the growth of our students' faith. We believe that through our Chapel Services, Scripture lessons, Bible Study groups and CRU groups, our students will develop a strong sense of purpose, character, and leadership that will serve them well in their future endeavours.

Mrs Stephanie Affleck
Christian Studies Coordinator