As one of our Core Values is providing a Christ-centred education, a Christian Perspective informs the delivery and approach to each of our Key Learning Areas. We aim to help our students understand the world with the understanding that our God is a loving father who desires to see grace, mercy and justice in people’s lives.

Each week, we have a specific ‘Scripture’ lesson for 30-40 minutes in each grade from Kindergarten to Year 6. Through our units, students are given a structured and sound understanding of what it means to be a Christian and are given opportunities to explore various Bible stories and essential themes of Christianity. Students are encouraged to ask questions about faith in God and we integrate our Chapel themes into our Scripture lessons to help give a holistic understanding. 

Below are some of the highlights from our students and teachers about Christian Education across the grades: 


This semester Kindergarten has been learning about what it means to be a Christian and how to choose to live God’s way. They have looked at amazing stories from the Old Testament that have shown us that God always keeps His promises.

The children have loved listening to the stories of people who decided to live God’s Way and have really enjoyed getting into the characters of the Old Testament. 


This semester Year 1 has been learning about many of the Old Testament “Heroes of the Faith” and considering how their choices show us how to live God’s way. Recently in this term, the students have been studying the parables of Jesus and considering the message he was trying to teach people then and what this means for us today. 

The children have loved role-playing the different stories and diving into the details of what was actually going on. They have also really enjoyed learning new songs in Scripture and finding out how God always loves us and keeps his promises. 

“My personal highlight was seeing the joy and desire in our students to learn more about God and His love for them and also hearing the most genuine and heartfelt prayers from our children.” - Mr Wright 


This semester Year 2 has been learning about what it means to live God’s way and be part of God’s people. The students have studied accounts in the Bible of people who made the decision to put God first in their lives.

The children have loved acting out well known stories of the Bible, and taking on the roles of characters such as Noah, Zacchaeus and Jesus.

“My personal highlight was witnessing the children’s enthusiasm and thirst for a knowledge of who God is, and hearing the children pray.” - Mrs Stewart


This semester Year 3 has been learning about Jesus’ parables and what he can teach us through stories. The children have loved watching videos on the parables.

“My personal highlight was seeing the students engaged and discussing the message behind the story.” - Mr Holland


This semester Year 4 has been learning about how the Old Testament leads into Jesus. The children have also begun to look at Jesus’ miracles.

The children have loved creating and drawing a timeline of the Old Testament leading to Jesus.

“My personal highlight was seeing the students reflect on their learning as they created their timeline.” - Mr Holland


This semester Year 5 has been learning about Old Testament Heroes such as Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Noah who made a difference in their generation by revealing God through personal and collective actions. Recently the students have also learned about the women in Christian history such as Ruth, Esther, Sarah, Mary and Mary Magdalene who made a powerful impact in their spheres of influence.

The children have loved singing songs before scripture, learning about characters who were not as ‘well-known’ and been given the opportunity to ask questions about God in a safe environment.

“My personal highlight has been seeing the student’s growth in questions. We personally loved the depth of questions that are explored throughout a young person’s life. It has been great seeing the children grow in maturity and love for God weekly.” - Mr Blevins


This semester Year 6 has been learning about significant people in the Bible and how God spoke to them and how God used them. The children have loved re-enacting bible stories and having discussions about how they apply to our lives today.

“My personal highlight was reading the book of Jonah with Year 6 and the students working in groups to film Jonah and the Whale.” - Miss Divers

Mr David Wright
Head of Christian Education