Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Latest Update Posted 2/04/20 - 4:00pm

Dear Parents,

COVID-19 is impacting each of us greatly with Randwick now being identified as a COVID-19 infection ‘hotspot’. The school continues to implement social distancing measures, including ‘Off Campus Learning’ for children whose parents do not fall within the category of Emergency or Essential Service workers. Even with this, many parents are choosing to keep their children at home.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to develop and improve our processes and delivery of online teaching and learning. If you have a complaint or grievance please bring this to our attention so that we can respond, resolve, and seek to address the matter. Unhelpful comments on What’sApp to others, or intimidating and judgemental words spoken directly to teachers on ZOOM do nothing, except bring discouragement to my teachers and support staff who are doing their very best under difficult circumstances. Damaging comments ultimately threaten the strength, resilience and health of our school community. So please, should you require clarification or support with any matter, do not hesitate to contact the school in one of the following ways;

An overview of our Communications Guidelines for parents can be accessed here

Off campus and/or ‘at school’ arrangements for Term 2

It is difficult to anticipate with any confidence what our arrangements will be at the commencement of Term 2. I will be guided by both the State and Federal Government in my decision making, and I will communicate with you as soon as I have direction and clarity. Please understand that the situation continues to change rapidly.

The ‘TeamKids’ Vacation Service

Yesterday I emailed all parents seeking expressions of interest to determine the viability for running this service and with this update, I was going to tell you that Vacation Care would be running. The Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon reiterated the government’s desire to retain access to OOSH care. The ‘TeamKids’ Vacation Care service will operate from Monday 6 April through to and including Monday 27 April, except for the Public Holidays. It appears that the PM has indicated that this service will be fully funded by the government*. All parents, even those who are not Emergency and Essential Services workers, are able to book. Go to for further information and to make a booking. You must be registered with ‘TeamKids’ to make a booking.

Please note: Those parents who replied to the survey saying that needed the service will be given priority with their booking.  * Federal Government subsidies are yet to be fully confirmed.

Any further updates will be in tomorrow’s Newsletter.

Update Posted 26/03/20 - 6:00pm

Dear Parents, 

This is a short message to say ‘thank you’ during this difficult week for us all. My staff have been encouraged greatly by the many words of encouragement and support that we have received. Behind the scenes, the entire team is working tirelessly to ensure for the best learning experiences for the children. I thank you too for the constructive feedback we are receiving about the many things that are working, what is not working so well, or what you think we could do better. Please continue to let us know, as it is important for us to learn and to improve.

We are also doing our very best to support those who are finding it difficult in various ways. Please be in touch as we are here to help. We have set up many lines of communication if you need to contact us for help and support. Parent Communication Guide

Thank you for your patience when things don’t necessarily go as you might hope. I appreciate that there has been much inconvenience and many challenges in some (if not all) households.

Through all of this, please be assured that the health, safety and emotional wellbeing of children, staff and all of our respective extended family members, is our number one priority.

Today (26 March), I have been waiting for further announcements from the government, but nothing ‘new’ appears to have been delivered. I shall continue to keep you informed of anything important that specifically impacts our school Community. I look forward to staying in touch with you through tomorrow’s newsletter. What a week!

My prayers are with you all each and every day.


Mr Doug Thomas

Update Posted 23/03/20 - 3:00pm

Dear Parents

While the medical advice for schools had not changed, the NSW Premier announced this morning that for practical reasons, parents are encouraged to keep their children home from school until the end of the term.

In light of this please note the following:

Notice of transition to Off-Campus Learning

To ensure continuity of learning for all of our students we will move all academic programs to our off-campus learning mode for all students, from tomorrow Tuesday 24 March.

While learning may be at home, school continues. We are well prepared for this and our expectations remain high.

We strongly encourage parents to ensure that the NSW government’s strict social distancing measures are adhered to.

Health care professionals and other essential workers

If you are a health care professional, or other essential/emergency services worker and are wanting your child to be supervised on-campus over the next two weeks, please notify the College before 5pm today, Mrs Kathy-Clare Rochester (Principal’s PA) via her email at so that appropriate supervision (and physical distancing protocols) can be arranged. This provision is in place to enable those working in essential services to be supported in their important work. The ‘Team Kid’s Service (Before and After School Care) and Bus Service for these children is yet to be confirmed, and would be based on numbers. Please indicate in your email to Mrs Rochester your need for these services.

Preparing for Off-Campus Learning

Information about Off-Campus Learning is available on the school website, and has been communicated in recent Newsletters.

Learning on campus

While school is on campus today, and for any students and staff remaining on campus after tomorrow, all our existing coronavirus mitigation measures will still be in place along with additional physical distancing measures, in response to the most recent recommendations.

Duration of Off-Campus Learning

Our intention is to return to on campus learning at the beginning of Term 2 (scheduled for Tuesday 28 April) or when the government and medical authorities state that it is safe to do so. However, we accept that it is impossible to predict the flow of events during this pandemic crisis and we need to prepare ourselves for a more prolonged period of off-campus learning.

Term 1 Easter break to begin from Monday 6 April

The Term 1 break will begin on Monday 6 April. Therefore, the last day of Term 1 will be Friday 3 April. This will allow us to have pupil-free days during the week before Easter (Monday 6 April - Wednesday 8 April) which will be critical in supporting our teachers. 

All Term One Events and Extra-Curricular postponed

Moving to off-campus learning means that any scheduled excursions, morning sports skills and training sessions, Music Groups, off-campus activities, parent Seminars and meetings are postponed for the remainder of Term 1, and will remain so while we are delivering off-campus learning.


While we are well prepared, the transition to Off-Campus Learning will require a partnership between all of us; students, staff and parents. This is new territory for us all, and as we progress, we will continue to adapt and refine the delivery of our Off-Campus Learning.  My prayers are with you, our students, staff and wider community as we navigate these difficult times. I continue to have great confidence in the way our school community will care for each other and handle this time of uncertainty together. Thank you again for your support and encouragement along the way.

With kind regards,
Mr Doug Thomas

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7   

Update posted 18/3/20 - 4:30pm

Students who are at home until ‘Off Campus Learning’ commences

Dear Parents

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate each and every day.  For the families whose children are at home, we respect and understand your decision not to send your child to school.

With this, we ask that you continue to be patient as we continue to develop, refine and test our ‘Off Campus Learning’ technology and delivery here at school. As previously mentioned, it is our goal that from next week we will provide both; 

  • access to classroom activities via ‘Zoom’ and ‘Seesaw’ for students who are at home
  • class lessons for the students who are attending school (if the campus remains open). 

If your child is at home this week, he/she is welcome to commence any of the activities they can see posted for the current day, but without assistance from their teacher. We request that they do not try to contact their teacher via email or any other online connection.

Please be assured that we will be in touch as soon as possible with further ideas and support.

Mr Doug Thomas                      Mrs Janelle Ford
Principal                              Deputy Principal

Update posted 17/3/20 - 5:30pm

Here are some important reminders regarding good health and good learning at Claremont College.

The Health and Wellbeing of your Child and Others

Please keep your child home from school if they are unwell.

Please DO NOT medicate your child with cough syrup, Children’s Panadol, Nurofen, or the like, prior to coming to school in the morning.

If your child has a fever, runny nose, sore throat or cough they must stay home and seek medical advice. If a student comes to school displaying any of these symptoms, we will and must send them home.

Whilst this may be an inconvenience to you, this request is made in the interest of your child’s health as well as the health and wellbeing of other students, their teachers, staff and the community as a whole.

Student Learning

Children attending school must bring their iPads with them to school, and take them home, each day.

Ongoing Communication

Be assured that if and when updates and directives come from the Health Department or other Government authorities, we will communicate these with you.

Thank you

The words of appreciation and support have been incredibly encouraging to us all.

Update posted 17/3/20 - 12:30pm

If your child is absent today, and/or across this week, please disregard any notifications or alerts for either 'Zoom' conferencing or SeeSaw. These alerts are popping up because of the lessons that are happening at school.

If you need to collect your child's iPad, this will be available today from 3:30pm, at the school office.

We will advise you as soon as possible about when Off Campus Learning is available to students who are at home. We anticipate that this will commence at the beginning of next week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with these matters. This is an unprecedented situation and we are contending with many issues all at once. The wellbeing and health of students, staff and the school community is our priority.

Mr Doug Thomas

Update posted 16/3/20 - 4:30pm

Dear Parents,

I trust that you had a good weekend and I hope that today has been relatively easy for you with the children at home. Today has been excellent and we are so pleased to have had this full day of training, with all teachers completing Day 1 of a ‘Certificate of Gifted Education’ from UNSW. Thank you for the support we receive for our pupil free days.

COVID-19 Update

As you are aware the Federal Government has announced that schools will remain open until further notice. This has placed a greater level of anxiety on many parents, who because of their personal family circumstances, feel that they must keep their children at home, in self isolation. Your decision to do this is understood and respected. Please understand that at present, due to the many challenges we are dealing with, it is not possible for work to be sent home. However, your child should be able to access daily ‘Matific’, ‘Reading Eggs’ and other online content, for example, spelling, or other independent basics.

At this point in time, all morning sports skills and extra-curricular small groups (before and after school) will continue as planned. 

Event Cancellations
  • The P&F Meeting this Wednesday has been cancelled.
  • All school excursions have been cancelled until further notice, this includes the Year 2 Excursion to the Old School House.
  • UNSW Swimming lessons have been cancelled. Wednesday sport will be held at school or at Grant Reserve Coogee.
  • Weekly Friday Chapel Services have been cancelled until further notice.
  • The Greek Independence Day March has been cancelled.
  • The IPSHA Cross Country Carnival at Kings has been cancelled.
  • Masters Academy Debating has been cancelled until Term 2 resumes.
  • The Combined Schools ANZAC Service has been cancelled.
  • The Coogee Dawn Service (TBC).
 In preparation for Off Campus Learning
  • All student iPads will be sent home daily from tomorrow (or please come and collect if your child is not at school).
  • An iPad charger will also be sent home.
  • Please bring a named Library bag to school, for the iPads to be carried in.
  • Students must bring their iPad with them to school each day.
  • A reminder, that iPads and chargers are leased, and so must ultimately be returned to school, or the full replacement cost of the device will be charged to your account.
  • Please refer to the Student School Diary to review ‘Safe Use of Technology’ contract with your children.
 Student Absences

In relation to reporting absences, please be advised;

  • If your child is absent due to illness, please continue to report the absence reason on your parent portal between 9:30am – 10:30am on the day of the absence to avoid receiving an absence SMS from us.  If this is not possible, then you do have 7 days to report the absence reason.
  • If your child is absent because you are taking precautionary measures due to the current Coronavirus situation, please report the absence reason on your parent portal.  Please select the absence reason "OTHER," and add the comment "CORONAVIRUS PRECAUTION". Again, you will need to do this between 9:30am – 10:30am on the day of the absence to avoid receiving an absence SMS from us.  If this is not possible, then you do have 7 days to report the absence reason.
  • If the campus is closed due to Coronavirus and we have commenced Off Campus Learning, please continue to report absences as you would normally do in the case of your child being sick. All other students will be marked present once they have logged into online learning in the morning at 9:00am.

Please don't hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions in relation to reporting an absence reason.

Our response has been updated according to the latest advice from the Federal Government

  • As of midnight (16 March)  arrivals from any country are to self-isolate for 14 days from the day of their arrival in Australia. This applies to staff, students and members of our community. 
  • Everyone who has been in contact with someone who has arrived from any overseas country, is to exercise a high degree of caution. They are to self-monitor for symptoms and not come to school if feeling unwell. If needed, seek medical advice urgently and isolate yourself.
  • Students and staff who are unwell with any respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms should remain at home until all symptoms have disappeared.

Thank you

Thank you for your support and understanding with these matters. The information I have been receiving continues to change rapidly, and I shall endeavour to keep you up-to-date as quickly as possible. I would also like to thank our teachers and wider staff team for their efforts, support and assistance in responding to the many challenges that have presented. They have been amazing and are doing their very best. 

Please be in touch should you have questions or concerns.

Mr Doug Thomas

Update posted 13/3/20 - As seen in the school Newsletter

So how do we all manage this as a community? 

We must keep it together with patience, kindness, love and empathy for what others are going through. In the anxiety and challenge, this is where our character is tested and our true colours are usually seen. There is opportunity for our school to really shine as a strong, caring and compassionate community. We are in this together.

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children”- Sitting Bull

As we move forward into next week we will be guided by the following priorities:

- To provide clear two-way communication pathways within our school community. It has been helpful to hear your concerns, so that we can talk through individual situations and solve challenges together. Equally, thank you for the supportive feedback I have received in relation to cancelling our Grandparents Day and P&F Disco. Should you need to contact me, please phone or email my PA, Kathy-Clare Rochester on

- To provide accurate, timely information to you. I hope you appreciate that my office is being bombarded with alerts, articles, policies and the like. I choose not to react, until I receive both clarity and assurance with all of this. There is certainly the possibility of a campus closure, and the ongoing refinement of protocols based on public gatherings. Please be assured that we will communicate information to you when we know that it is correct and applies to our school context. The event of the Department of Health placing an order on a school closing can literally happen ‘overnight’. If this is the case, please continue to check your app alerts and/or the school website for information. 

- To ensure that we have solid systems in place, should we be required or directed to commence off campus learning. My staff team, led by Mrs Ford and Mrs Eu have worked tirelessly to get things ready. In all grades (K-6) the students have also been preparing and ‘practising’ with lessons using iPads, ‘Zoom’ teacher conferencing, Seesaw, and trouble-shooting together, with a focus on self-directed and independent learning. I draw your attention to the detailed plan regarding ‘Off Campus Learning’ on our school website.

- To ensure for student, staff and parent wellbeing. This morning in Chapel, I spoke directly and broadly about the coronavirus with the children. Many raised their hands (perhaps 50% or more) when I asked if they were worried about the news on the television and radio.  My teaching point was ‘God keeps us safe’ and I talked about God taking care of our worries and anxiety when we hand them over to him.

For You have been my refuge, a tower of strength against the enemy. Psalm 61:3

I love you Lord; you are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my saviour. My God is my rock in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.  Psalm 18:1-2

As a school we are well resourced to support your children. Do not hesitate to let us know of any concern that you might have regarding how your child might be responding to this situation, (particularly if you are aware of anxiety, regression in behaviours such as bed wetting, or simply if they are asking questions that you’re not sure how to best answer).

I am thankful to Mrs Cameron (Deputy Principal) and Ms Catherine McKersie (School Counsellor), the Pastoral Care Team, and our teachers who continue to refine systems in place to monitor and support the children. This week, our Pastoral Care Team has been meeting with Sally Ferguson (Ben, Yr3 and Ella, K) who is the P&F Head of Community Wellbeing, to share ideas and devise some plans and actions for caring for people in our school. Ms McKersie has written an excellent article for our parents which is also accessible from the school website.

Please take care of yourself and those you love. My prayers are with you.

Doug Thomas

Update posted 10/3/20 - 6pm

Dear Parents and the Claremont College community,

Cancellation of Grandparents’ Day and the P&F Disco

It is with regret that I advise you of the decision to cancel our ‘Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day’ (this coming Tuesday) and also the P&F School Disco (27 March). This decision has been made in consultation with the P&F Executive and is based on the guidance of the health authorities. The wellbeing of our school community is our priority, particularly for our many wonderful grandparents, many of whom are elderly. I am sorry for this disappointing news.

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate rescheduling these events. We will endeavour to provide other opportunities for grandparents and special friends to visit and be involved in the life of the school on other occasions. These opportunities include our weekly Chapel Services across the entire year, Grade Learning Festivals (dates TBA) and our Concert at the City recital Hall (24 September). At this point in time, please only come to Chapel should you feel comfortable in doing so.

Sports Swimming Classes

Student swimming at UNSW will continue as planned. However, parents are reminded that we respectfully understand should you chose not to permit your child from participation in swimming and/or attending UNSW. Please correspond in writing to Your child will remain at school during sports time.

Ongoing Updates

The news over the last few days has confirmed COVID-19 cases amongst students at schools in Sydney. There is understandable concern amongst our families about the implications for school attendance. When developing our response our starting point is that we will do not less than what is advised by the health authorities and the NSW Department of Education. We may also choose to do more if this is in the best interests of our students, their families and our staff.

What should I do if my child is sick?

Please keep your child home from school if they are unwell. If they have a fever, runny nose, sore throat or cough they must stay home and seek medical advice. A medical certificate, indicating clearance to attend school is required. If a student comes to school with a fever, running nose, sore throat or cough, we will send them home.

If there is any history of travel to countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus, or contact with a known case, speak to your GP for advice, and please also let us know.

We will continue to update you with any new information and if you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of our response to this situation, please contact me by email at or phone the school.

I thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Mr Doug Thomas

Update posted 6/3/20 - As seen in the school Newsletter.

The outbreak and rapid spread of the Coronavirus is a major concern for our community and the world at this time. The media bombards us with information that can be reactionary, inconsistent and quite confusing. As we have seen, the situation is developing rapidly, it is difficult to make assumptions about what might happen over the coming days and weeks and consequently, recommendations necessarily change. Therefore, as a school, we endeavour to develop a broad continuity strategy and to provide information to you with clarity and in a timely and helpful manner.

Following my last update (see school website, 4 March), I would like to assure families that we continue to monitor this situation closely and that we are looking to adjust our practices as needed, to prioritise the safety of our students and the wider school community.

Ongoing Travel Restrictions

Students and staff are not to attend school if they have:

  • Left, or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days from leaving mainland China);
  • Left, or transited through Iran, Italy or South Korea on or after 1 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving these countries); or
  • Been in contact with a confirmed case of Coronavirus in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days after the date of last contact with the confirmed case).

If this need for isolation affects your child, you should notify the School immediately so that we can make arrangements to facilitate their learning during this time. Please also ensure that if you or another one of your child carers (or people living in your house) has been travelling overseas or has been in contact with a case of Coronavirus, they should not be visiting the school for any event including drop-off and pick-up at the start or finish of the day.

Illness and Display of Symptoms

In the event that your child or a family member is diagnosed with Coronavirus, please inform the school immediately via

Consistent with current guidelines, students and staff who are unwell with respiratory (or other) illnesses should remain at home until symptoms resolve. In accordance with our current practice if any student becomes unwell, they will be checked by our school nurse. We will implement our infection control guidelines and follow the advice provided by the NSW Ministry of Health.

Please consider the impact of your child’s illness on other children, their teachers and others in our school. Do not send your child to school if he/she should exhibit a fever. Do not dose your child with Panadol and/or Nurofen prior to coming to school. Do not send your child to school if they exhibit coughing and other cold symptoms. Whilst it may be inconvenient for working parents to have your child at home, masking a child’s fever with a morning dose of Panadol is dangerous, careless and selfish, as this compromises the health of individuals, the entire school and even the greater community.

If you are concerned about your child’s health, please consult with your GP. If your child has an ongoing immune-compromised condition, please contact our school nurse immediately on Monday to discuss any revisions to his/her current health plan via

If you chose to not send your child to school, because you are fearful of them contracting Coronavirus, at this point in time, the school is not able to provide them with the work they have missed out on.

Excursions and offsite activities

All excursions and sport will be assessed on a case by case basis evaluating the venue, crowds and travel arrangements. Unless further information comes to light this weekend, the Year 6 excursion to Canberra will continue as planned. We will email and SMS Year 6 parents should we receive any information that requires us to cancel the excursion at the very last minute. If over the weekend, parents choose to not send their child on the Canberra excursion, please inform the school immediately Please understand that refunds are not possible. Your child will join Year 3, 4 or 5 for their learning should they not attend the excursion. 

School Events

At this point in time, our ‘Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day’ will go ahead as planned for Tuesday 17 March. Given that the elderly are particularly susceptible to Coronavirus, a level of caution is required on the part of all visitors in determining whether or not to attend. The event will be recorded and posted on our website. Given the rapid escalation of the spread of the virus in Sydney, the cancellation of this event may ultimately be required, and we ask for your understanding should this be the case.

Determination of events and gatherings such as our weekly Chapel service, the P&F Disco later this month, and ANZAC events will be communicated, as we receive advice from authorities. 

Possible Closure of the School

If given the direction by government authorities to close the school, we will do so. The school leadership team has developed a ‘Continuity Plan’ which will be implemented should closure be required. The key priorities within this plan include;

  • Preparation over the coming weeks. This will involve checking and testing student log-in details for apps, Seesaw, and other online home tools (via their Home Learning next week);
  • If your child/ren are to be at home for an extended period of time, parents are encouraged to test online safety settings and net filtering security of home computers and devices. Check these things now. The school will not take responsibility for this;
  • Continuation of student learning at home, via our regular online platforms and apps, as much as possible;
  • Providing students with their school iPads to allow access to online home learning;
  • Endeavouring to support student wellbeing by providing emotional support and connection to the school community as much as possible;
  • Regular communication by the school, and if possible with communication access to teaching and other staff for students and parents; and
  • Developing a sense of belonging, connection and support for the children and school community. Our school community can, and will, remain strong together. Since 1882 we’ve stood!

Please note that this situation is unprecedented, therefore, the school’s response and specific actions will be determined by time, context, the health and availability of staff... our access to resources and IT support, therefore cannot be guaranteed.

How we will communicate with you

In the event of closure, a detailed Communication Plan will be emailed to all parents. In the mean-time, necessary Coronavirus updates will continue as normal via:

  • Claremont College School App alerts
  • Updates provided on the school website homepage
  • Email and/or SMS to parents

Please support us by ensuring that you now have access to the above AND that your personal contact details are always up to date on your Parent Portal. Please contact our IT Manager, Mr Andrew Nield immediately should you not be able to access your parent portal page via

We are a faith community, so let’s keep our eyes on Jesus
“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:6-7 

As new information becomes available, I will write to you again to keep you informed about the school’s position. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Update posted 4/3/20: 6pm

Dear Parents,

The school leadership team is currently meeting and planning our ongoing response to coronavirus with an action-plan moving forward. Detailed information will be communicated to the school community in our Newsletter on Friday afternoon (6th March). This information will include a decision relating to whether we cancel our Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day (17th March), as well as providing you with further detail about our preparations should authorities require Sydney schools to be closed. Our priority will be to communicate clearly to you in a timely manner. 

As requested previously, please inform the School immediately of any coronavirus health issues should they arise within your family. Also, please do not hesitate to let us know of any concerns you may have at any time. This is not to alarm you, but rather (in a climate of so much heightened news and reactions) to reassure you that we are being proactive and wanting to make a measured and informed response at all times. As always, our goal will always be to ensure for the best of opportunities for student learning and to care for the wellbeing of individuals and our community as a whole.

Update posted 7/2/20: 1:15pm 

A number of parents have expressed concern relating to today's media news 
about the quarantining of university students on campus. At present this is 
only happening at the University of Sydney at Chippendale, (not UNSW, 

This link outlines the current response of UNSW 

Please note that there are *no* UNSW swimming classes scheduled for 
Wednesday 12th February, due to our Annual Swimming Carnival which will be 
held at the Des Renford Leisure Centre. 

Please confirm in writing if you do not wish for your child to attend the 
swimming carnival or subsequent swimming lessons at UNSW.

Update posted 3/2/20: 1:30pm

Home Quarantine/exclusion from School

The NSW Health and NSW Department of Education has today revised its advice, to include only students who have travelled to mainland China be excluded from attending school until 14 days after departing mainland China.

UNSW Swimming and Swimming Carnival

The UNSW Swimming Centre remains open, as do all swimming centres across Sydney. Swimming will continue as planned for student sport this week and onwards, until any further updates are provided by the venue. This UNSW link will take you directly to the UNSW announcement.

Our Annual Swimming Carnival will be held at the Des Renford Leisure Centre on Wednesday 12 February as planned, unless we are otherwise advised by the venue operator.

Should you wish for your child to NOT participate in swimming, please write a note requesting non-participation.

Thank you

Thank you to the parents who have contacted us with ongoing questions. We will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible should you need to raise any concerns, or seek clarification on any matters regarding coronavirus. The school will provide further updates from authorities as they come our way. 

Update posted 29/1/20: 11:30am

In accordance with NSW Health and NSW Department of Education advice, students who have travelled to mainland China and Hong Kong are to be excluded from attending school until 14 days after departing mainland China or Hong Kong. 

  • Please contact the school immediately if your child has travelled to mainland China or Hong Kong and will not be attending school.
  • A medical clearance certificate will also be required in this instance.

If you have any queries or concerns, or to inform Claremont College of your child’s absence please contact Kathy-Clare Rochester, PA to the Principal, on 92130733 or 9399 3217

Update posted 28/1/20: 1.30pm

Dear Parents

Currently there have been a small number of confirmed Novel Coronavirus cases in New South Wales. In accordance with National Public Health Guidelines, exclusions for students and staff at this point in time, only apply for those who are:

  • A confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus - excluded until medically cleared
  • A close contact of a confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus - excluded for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case.

Close contact is defined as living in the same household, 15 minutes face-to-face contact with a person with confirmed coronavirus in any setting, or sharing a closed space with a person with confirmed coronavirus for more than 2 hours.

NSW Health has processes in place to identify any close contacts of cases confirmed in New South Wales. Advice about not attending school would be provided to these close contacts.

For our information and to assist the school with future planning should further action be required, parents whose children or others living in the same household who have visited China are requested to contact us immediately. If you have recently visited the Wahun District of China during the holidays, we ask that you refrain from sending your children to school until they have been back in Australia for at least 14 days. A medical clearance certificate will also be required in this instance.

Children and staff who have recently returned from overseas and are well, and who are not close contacts of a confirmed case, are able to attend school as normal, commencing Thursday 30 January. 

As per usual guidance, staff and children who are unwell with a respiratory illness should remain at home until symptoms resolve. 

We are aware that the situation is changing very quickly, and our response may change. Claremont College will therefore continue to be informed by and take the direction of NSW Health and the NSW Association of Independent Schools, to monitor and respond to the unfolding international Novel Coronavirus situation.

Claremont College staff will continue to follow and reinforce correct infection control procedures.

NSW Health has information available on its website:

OR speak to your local GP.

Please be assured that we are monitoring this situation closely. Should the State or Commonwealth governments issue new guidelines for how schools need to respond, we will take action and advise our school community immediately.

Thank you to those who have emailed the school regarding this situation. I trust that this letter will serve as my reply to you. In the meantime, please feel free to email me if you have any specific concerns. Our priority is for the safety and wellbeing of all our students, staff and school community.

Yours sincerely
Doug Thomas