Learning Enrichment

What is Learning Enrichment?

At Claremont College, Learning Enrichment refers to the provision and enhancement of learning for the full range of students, including those with special learning needs and/or high intellectual potential. Learning Enrichment is a team effort, involving Classroom Teachers, Learning Enrichment Teachers, and Teaching and Learning Assistants.

Classroom Teachers

Classroom Teachers identify points of readiness for each child and use these to plan appropriate learning experiences. They group and regroup students flexibly according to readiness, interests, and learner profiles. Classroom Teachers often adopt tiered tasks, in which all students develop understanding and skills related to the same content, but proceed with different levels of support, challenge or complexity. They use a wide range of assessments to monitor and assess student learning.

Learning Enrichment Teachers

Learning Enrichment Teachers collaborate with Classroom Teachers to enhance learning for students in the classroom. Their time is allocated across two or three grades throughout the week, and they typically engage with small groups of students who require supplementary support or extension in English or mathematics. Learning Enrichment Teachers contribute to curriculum planning, deliver intensive reading interventions, conduct student assessments and screeners, and assist teams to evaluate lessons and student outcomes. 

Teaching and Learning Assistants

Teaching and Learning Assistants support Classroom Teachers and Learning Enrichment Teachers in the classroom by developing students’ independent learning skills and ownership of tasks. They are often involved in team meetings to discuss learning needs, and are integral to resourcing materials to facilitate engaging lessons. Teaching and Learning Assistants deliver targeted reading interventions to small groups of students, in collaboration with Learning Enrichment Teachers.

"We welcome and celebrate student diversity." 
Why Learning Enrichment?

Our Learning Enrichment model supports inclusive education by embracing all students in successful learning and welcoming and celebrating student diversity. Regardless of readiness and ability, all of our students successfully participate, achieve and are valued within the classroom. This model additionally supports collaborative learning, in which staff share their skills and expertise for the benefit of the students and each other. All staff responsible for Learning Enrichment are challenged to use a variety of pedagogies and strategies to cater for diverse needs, which has a positive impact on the learning outcomes of all students.


Renee De Rossi
Head of Learning