Naplan 2017

Naplan 2017

Naplan 2017


The Year 3 and Year 5 students NAPLAN results for 2017, and contrary to the underwhelming reports from the media about the national results, are once again, something for students, staff and parents to be proud of.

 Our results compared to the results from similar schools (ie schools within the Association of Independent Schools), and compared to state averages, are presented below. We are also able to provide you will the results from the Year 7 students, our Year 6 students from 2016, as we are able to track their results as well. This information is helpful for us as the NAPLAN tests are at the beginning of Term 2 each year, and therefore the results are a reflection of the previous 2 years of learning at Claremont College.

The table below gives you the students in the top 2 bands in each part of the assessments, so that you see in most cases, where the majority of our students sit. 


By summarising all of the numbers, Claremont College students out-perform the state averages in all of these assessment tasks, and out-perform the AIS averages in most of these assessment tasks. Now, as a school we carefully consider the results and look for areas for improvement as well as looking at areas we do well in to ensure we consolidate these results, as the students continue on their learning journey.

While these are once again encouraging, it is also important for us to understand the results on an individual basis so that NAPLAN does not become an end product of learning, but just one of many means to understand each child’s basic skills. From NAPLAN and from any assessment task it is more important to look at the where to next, rather than to looking at the results and not using them as part of the process of ongoing learning.

We believe that “every child can learn and has the right to learn (and therefore) to optimise classroom teacher effectiveness, we need to know on an ongoing basis that every child is learning by making ongoing assessments and by incorporating that information about each child’s learning into daily instruction (as) a nonnegotiable practice” (Sharrat & Fullan, Putting Faces on the Data, 2012, 29). NAPLAN data is one part of the suite of assessments that helps us to understand each and every child’s learning.

Mrs Janelle Ford

Deputy Principal