NOT TO BE MISSED Parent Evening 1st March

NOT TO BE MISSED Parent Evening 1st March


We are excited to announce Dr Judith Locke, Clinical Psychologist, is offering a parenting session to parents of our school. Judith uses latest research and clinical experience to show positive and effective strategies parents can use to help their children become more confident and capable at school and beyond.  

The session

  • explores common parenting approaches and helps to fine-tune strategies parents already use to help children reach their potential
  • offers solutions to parents to help children feel confident and cope better with the typical ups and downs of life, including occasional difficulties with peer relationships
  • discusses common challenging behaviour exhibited by children, such as defiance or tantrums, and gives parents strategies they can use to better manage these issues and maintain harmony
  • focuses on strategies parent can use now to ensure a more harmonious time during the challenging teenage years and young adult years – particularly if they will remain under your roof!

This session will be delivered on Thursday 1 March, 7:00-8:30pm in the School Hall. Please indicate your interest by registering via the attached link

Please note this is a parents only session and we are unable to provide childcare.


Dr Judith Locke, the founder of Confident and Capable, is a clinical psychologist, and former school counsellor, teacher and workplace trainer. Judith is the author of “The Bonsai Child” which details modern parenting changes and practical strategies to help children develop confidence and resilience. Judith trains throughout Australia and internationally on topics related to parenting, education and personal wellbeing. She is also a Visiting Fellow at Queensland University of Technology where she researches parenting, child wellbeing, and academic environments.