Learning Support (LS) at Claremont College is about supporting the learning of all students across the entire continuum of learning. It is not just about providing support to struggling students. 

All teachers (including the LS teachers) monitor and assess the levels of learning of ALL students across the curriculum. Students are then supported to learn, at their point of need, via flexible groupings within the classroom. This means that students move in and out of groupings and will receive targeted teaching, in the classroom, from both classroom teachers and learning support staff (Mrs Jones, Mrs Breakspear, Miss Kelly and Ms Dalheim) as well as the Teaching and Learning Assistants (TLAs) and Intern Teachers. The Learning Support teachers work with students across the grade, providing enrichment, core teaching and additional learning support.

Claremont College’s Learning Support Team includes:

• A full-time equivalent TLA or Intern Teacher in each year level.

Kindergarten: Mrs Briony Rees

Year 1: Mrs Adelaide Marquet

Year 2: Mrs Susan Nicolaides

Year 3: Mr Max Agapitos

Year 4: Mr James Bleakley

Year 5: Mr Julian Ko

Year 6: Mrs Carol Giles & Mr Charlie Blevins

• Learning Support (LS) Teachers:

Mrs Michelle Jones (working in Kindergarten to Year 2)

Mrs Sinead Kelly (working in Year 3 & Year 4)

Mrs Nicola Breakspear (working in Year 5 & Year 6)

• Mrs Anna Robinson – Learning Support Administrator (and working in Year 5)

• Head of Learning Support Ms Brenda Dalheim (coordinating Kindergarten to Yr 6 Learning Support)

In Kindergarten to Year 2 the Learning Support teacher works with students providing enrichment, support and core teaching in literacy and numeracy. The Learning Support teacher  liaises with the classroom teachers to determine the needs of students to maximise her teaching time and to use the group teaching time to target the needs of students. She takes groups in reading, spelling, mathematics and writing. She works 5 day/week.

Across Years 3 & 4 the Learning Support teacher mainly works with small groups within these classrooms. She liaises with the classroom teachers regarding students learning needs and provides targeted teaching in all aspects of literacy and mathematics. She works 3 days/week as a Learning Support Teacher, and works 2 days/week with the Y4 team.

In  Years 5 & 6 the Learning Support teacher takes small groups and whole class. She works within the classrooms to support flexible groupings in reading, maths, grammar and writing.

The Head of learning Support’s role is to manage the Learning Support Team, and provide training for the Classroom Teachers, Learning Support Teachers and TLAs. She conducts individual assessments on students identified with specific learning needs and provides K-6 teachers with support and guidance with assessment tools. The Head of learning Support also works with all teachers to analyse the whole school data in literacy and numeracy and monitors the whole school assessment process. She oversees the targeted reading program, Early Reading Intervention Knowledge (commonly known as ERIK) and the MacqLit Reading program (for some Years 3 to 6 students).

Both of these Reading programs run in class time. Students are selected for the programs using the data from the normal school year assessments that all students undertake, including PAT-Comprehension and Reading Progress Tests. This literacy data is used to determine which students may benefit from inclusion in a targeted reading program and to guide in-class groupings.

We also continue to work in classrooms to support mathematics, all aspects of literacy and at times, other areas of the curriculum. The Learning Support Teachers are happy to respond to your questions regarding your child’s progress, keeping in mind, the first point of contact should be the classroom teachers.

Brenda Dalheim

Head of the Learning Support Team