School Traffic Safety

School Traffic Safety

10th November 2017


“Shattered school community mourns two 8 year-old boys.”

The incredibly sad accident at Banksia Road Public School this week is a timely reminder that we all need to be doing all we can to provide safety in and around our school zones.

Mr Thomas regularly puts reminders in our school newsletter of our Traffic Management Plan that has been prepared in collaboration with Randwick Council. Please read this (a copy is again attached to our newsletter) and make sure that anyone, including baby sitters, grandparents and friends, who collect your children reads this also.

To be honest we need to be doing more as just a few families still: 

  • Jump the queue in car lines, Æ Get out of cars to help children,
  • Allow children to get out of cars on the road side,
  • Do u-turns on Coogee Bay Road,
  • And we even see cars double parked on the opposite side of Coogee Bay Road, with the expectation that children walk or run across to them.
  • Keep the school bags inside the car for easy access, or
  • If you don’t have room for this, your children need to wait on the footpath for the staff member on duty to supervise getting bags out or putting bags back in at the end of the day.

Another safety concern of late has been the number of children who are accessing their school bags through the boot of the car, without adult supervision, because the boot can be managed electronically by the driver. The children have to go onto the road, between cars to do this, which is dangerous, so we ask that you: 

Accidents in school zones do not just happen to other people.

Remember that it takes only a moment of impatience or distractedness for an accident to happen as appears to have occurred at Banksia Road Public School this week. Our prayers go out to this school community as they come to terms with their sadness and grief.

Janelle Ford

Deputy Principal