​The Claremont College Expansion project

JUNE 2022

Thank you to the many parents and members of the wider community who have registered expressions of interest in our possible future Claremont high school campus. Thank you also to so many others who have enquired about whether there is any news or further developments.

At this stage, the planning for a potential future campus continues with much effort by many people, especially from me. The College School Council is also thoroughly committed to this endeavour. 

We certainly will not be in a position to commence a Year 7 intake in 2024. It may be, if all goes well and subject to approvals, that we may commence Year 7 in 2027. I am sincerely sorry if this is not the news you were hoping for. I have tried to contact all people whether existing Claremont parents, and those in the public who have registered their Expression of Interest, to provide you with this update. If you have not heard from me, please contact the school if you would like further information.

I will continue to provide updates as soon as further information becomes available.

Thank you again for your support of the Claremont College Expansion Project.

Mr Doug Thomas

Claremont College is seeking to establish a secondary campus in South Sydney near our current campus at Coogee Bay Road, Randwick. We are exploring leasing opportunities with land owners and existing organisations or educational institutions in the area. For further information click here.

Term 3 Update

Despite the lockdown across Term 3, I am pleased to say that the Claremont Expansion Project has continued to move forward with pleasing progress. My work this term has mostly focussed on the following;

  • refining the goals of the project to further expand as a Year 7-12 Secondary campus in a location within 5km of our existing K-6 Primary Campus
  • stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • financial modelling
  • developing a business case and masterplan
  • defining the brief and decision-making criteria for a new campus
  • developing our educational model
  • understanding the heart and identity of Claremont College

Our search for a site continues, and our analysis of specific needs and requirements is detailed. A decision was made to slow the search for a suitable site for a number of reasons. Firstly, the lockdown has reduced our ability to visit and inspect potential sites. We also felt that more work needed to be done in preparing our site selection criteria.

I anticipate that the intensive and exciting phase of testing the market and inspecting sites will be undertaken across October. The school has engaged the services of Cushman and Wakefield to facilitate the process or engaging with organisations and landlords. Hopefully the easing of lockdown restrictions will make this process easier.

Designing Strategy and Refreshing our Strategic Intent

An important aspect of this project continues to be our engagement with our staff and parent community. The College School Council and Executive Leadership Team have worked with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to deep dive and articulate our priorities for the future. As we continue our exploration we will specifically running workshops with staff, parents and also students (after all, it is their school).


Parents are invited to give their voice to shaping the next chapter of Claremont College on Tuesday 5th October, 4 to 5pm. Using Zoom we have designed several fast-paced collaborative breakout room processes through which to harvest your wisdom, perspective and creativity. An expert consultant from AIS will facilitate this session which will demand your full and active participation. It will be fun and incredibly valuable to me, as we plan for and design the school of the future. Please register your attendance using the link found in the newsletter. 

Thank you

I am most mindful that I would not have had such pleasing progressing were it not for the help and input of the various parent working groups that have been held across this year. Many of the leads and contacts that I have made are due to the Claremont parent network. Your perspective and professional expertise have been invaluable. Thank you. I look forward to this continuing which is why I am always very happy to speak to anyone about your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Please continue to reach out to me.

Expansion Project Update - 4:15pm -11/6/21

Expansion Project Update - 3:30pm -30/4/21

Welcome to our story - one that spans three centuries. Founded in 1882 and originally commencing as a secondary girls’ boarding school, Claremont College moves forward with faith, strength and vision. Guided by our core values of collaboration, innovation and compassion, we step into the future with our continued provision of an outstanding Christian co-education.

The future is unknown and uncertain in so many ways, particularly as we respond to the ever-shifting climate caused by the ongoing impact of COVID-19. The pace of change in our world is rapid and our ability to respond will inevitably be aligned to our ability to meet the needs of the children and the community we serve. Therefore across 2021, Claremont College will be embarking on a project to explore possible ways for our school to further expand. Key to this, is our ambition to go ‘full circle’ and to once again, become a K to 12 Campus. It was in 1967 that Claremont College reduced its provision to just the Primary years (back then in 1967 only 41 students were enrolled). You can take a read of our journey documented here.

Implicit to this exploration will be our comprehensive focus on contemporary educational and wellbeing research, as well as a collaborative process of consultation with our stakeholders. This will include engaging with staff, parents, students, our alumni, our neighbours and residents, the wider Randwick community precinct and importantly, working with our First Nations elders to ensure that our efforts both honour and are respectful of the traditions and heritage of this place where we are situated.  

Claremont College is highly regarded by many educators within Australia and from around the world, who seek to visit and learn about the architectural design of our classrooms, and the innovative teaching methodologies we have developed.  Our project seeks to explore ways for Claremont College to continue to be at the forefront of evidence-based innovation and excellence in our educational delivery and in all aspects of our operation. We see our school uniquely positioned for our students to both contribute to, and benefit from, the newly evolving Randwick ‘Health & Innovation Precinct.’ You can read more about this process here.

Ultimately, our continued goal is to provide children with the skills and dispositions for a happy childhood, to develop academically, to be global, service minded young people, equipped for success and confidence in life. We will always be a school filled with warmth, generosity, creativity, hope, fun, learning, discovery, love and happy smiles. I pray that you too, will be blessed and inspired because of your part in our story. 

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. If you have questions, feedback or comments, or you would like to assist or contribute in some way, please let me know. You may contact me at or phone 9399 3217.

I am excited about the possibilities ahead. Thank you for your support and partnership.

Mr Doug Thomas

25/1/2021 - Chairman's Letter