Transition to High School

Transition to High School

Before our Year 6 students leave Claremont at the end of every year, it is important to us that we ensure they are thoroughly prepared, academically, emotionally and in every possible way for this significant transition. Research highlights that a successful transition at key points in a child’s education is positively aligned with outcomes such as resilience and coping, not being bullied, friendships and learning.

Given that Claremont College is only a K-6 school we certainly prioritise the transition of our Year 6 students into high school. This year the process is already underway, as the teachers speak about Year 7 with the students, and prepare them for the imminent changes that are not too far away. Our High School Transition Program in Term 4 is a formal time where our students experience high school (here at Claremont) with new lessons, a new timetable, a revised homework schedule - all delivered by our Year 6 teaching team and Specialist Teachers. The children always say that they enjoy and are challenged by the experience, and learn a great deal.

There is something very special about a Claremont College education and Year 5 and 6 is a significant time for student academic growth, developing emotional maturity as well as having opportunities for leadership and responsibility. Throughout Year 6 in particular, there are many ‘rites of passage’ experiences that other schools do not provide.

It is therefore incredibly important to us to understand how we can best prepare our students for this important transition into Year 7. This is why Claremont has commissioned a survey of our parents (whose children are now in Year 7) to better understand their early high school experience and to seek feedback as to how we can better prepare children for Year 7. Claremont College is the only Independent School that undertakes such an endeavour. The feedback received by parents helps us to improve, and I sincerely thank those who have taken the time to complete the surveys.

I am delighted to pass on the feedback received by the parents of our 2018 Year 6 students (click HERE for an overview of the results). I must acknowledge the brilliant work of our 2018 Year 6 Teaching team, Mrs James, Mr Ryan, Mrs Breakspear (Learning Support), Mrs Giles and Mr Blevins (Teaching and Learning Assistants) as well as the Specialist Teachers; Mrs Barr (Music), Mrs Shoebridge (Indonesian), Mrs Affleck (Library) and Mrs Lee (Sport and PE 2018). 

Some of the comments made by last year’s parents include:

“It’s a very caring school, with overall very caring teachers. Our children regarded Claremont as warm as family and this will be with them for the rest of their lives. For this we thank Claremont for providing this secure, safe, caring and enriching childhood experience for our children, and a solid foundation for their lives.” 

‘Fostering independence, confidence and leadership and encouraging a self-reflective approach to learning, while letting the students enjoy their schooling experience without unnecessary pressure” 

“In good moral principles of behaviour towards others and strong school spirit. Project work in senior years was helpful. The explicit rite of passage activities in Year 6 were lovely and my children look back with great fondness on the school.”

“The Year 6 team were extraordinary and incredible educators for our daughter. Her learning needs were met.”

“On the last term on Year 6, Claremont gave a chance to the students to be a Year 7 student and got them to manage their high school schedule. So the students didn’t have that much of schedule shock when they went to Year 7.”

I draw attention to our current Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 6 parents who we will seek feedback from towards the end of this year. Please assist us by providing your feedback in the surveys that will be sent to you next term. Thank you in anticipation of this.

Doug Thomas,