Our School

Welcome to Claremont College. We love our school!

Claremont College is a thriving coeducational Anglican Primary School (K-6) in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We provide a comprehensive, inclusive primary education for girls and boys within a safe, caring and nurturing Christian environment. Learning at Claremont College is dynamic, creative and vibrant, while providing firm foundations for a life of learning and discovery, aiming for high academic outcomes, especially in literacy and numeracy.

Claremont College has developed extensive programs across all areas of the curriculum. Based on rich educational traditions that span over 137 years, Claremont College is proud to provide an outward and globally focused, innovative approach to 21st century education. Claremont College is a school that provides an innovative co-teaching environment within our beautiful award winning learning spaces and facilities.

A high ratio of teachers and support staff to children is another noteworthy feature of our school. Within co-teaching, our learners work together as a whole grade, rather than in individual classes. In Kindergarten, three teachers, plus a Teaching and Learning Assistant (TLA) support 60 children (equivalent to a ratio of 1:15 per class). In subsequent years, Year 1 through to Year 6, our learners have 2 teachers plus a TLA, bringing this ratio to 1:20 in a class. Additional Learning Support staff work across all grades to support the diverse range of learning and pastoral needs.

The school is committed to providing an education that encompasses sustainability and environmental responsiveness. Opportunities to promote social justice and involvement in community-based projects are regarded as integral to the well-rounded development of the boys and girls at our school. Student welfare, school counseling and parent support programs are also essential in the life of the College.

Our aim is that every child who comes to Claremont College is 'inspired for life', through their learning, academic foundations, character, friendships, contribution to community and the world beyond, and in their faith.