We offer an extensive tutor program for students who wish to learn an instrument. They may choose to take AMEB examinations or just learn for fun. Follow the link below for information about prices and our knowledgable team.


Choir takes place on a Monday and Thrusday at 1.10pm. We learn to sing together as a group and we challenge ourselves with exciting harmonies. We develop our tone, diction, sight reading and breathing skills while having fun! We work hard to perfect songs from different genres and we always finish with a fun song! We sing for various important events in the school such as chapel services, Grandparents Day and even our school concert every two years.

Concert Band

Our school band takes place on a Tuesday after school. We love performing for an audience. We rehearse various scales and exercises weekly and develop our performance technique. We love to participate in band festivals and competitions as the opportunities present. We entertain our school community at a variety of school events throughout the year.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble takes place on a Monday and Tuesday lunch time (depending on the their level of ability). We have a beginner ensemble and a more advanced ensemble. Our string ensembles perform for our Recital Evenings, and other events.

Recital Evenings

We have a number of Recital Evenings a year. At these evenings the children develop confidence in playing for an audience. This is also a great way to develop skills for playing for exams. We are so proud of the talented children that get up and do it each year!


We love entering music competitions. We love meeting children from other schools with similar passions and showing our ambition, resilience and risk taking through competitive pursuits.

Music Class

Kindergarten to Year 6 each have one 40 minute class a week.

Kindy and Year 1 learn the basics of musical concepts and develop confidence in song singing and playing performance. We play music using percussion, boom-whackers, xylophones and homemade instruments.

Year 1 students consolidate their learning of the musical concepts. They develop an awareness of Graphic Notation. They use images to notate sounds that they hear and perform them for an audience.

In Year 2 we learn all about Western Notation. We learn how to play various instruments by reading semibreves, minims, crotchets and quavers. We compose our own rhythms and perform them for our peers. This prepares us for our instrumental program in Year 3.

Year 3 students further their musical literacy through the exploration of folk music and other genres. Students explore filler music and compose music to enhance a visual clip. We further our skills in improvisation and our ability to listen and respond to music.

In Year 4 we commence our study of the ukulele. This helps us to enhance our skills in instrumental playing, improvisation and composition. The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to learn as they can be used as a solo or ensemble instrument, and there an excellent tool for developing ear training and learning musical literacy.

In Year 5 and 6 we practice our performance technique. We learn about various genres in great detail such as African music, Irish music, Jazz, Rock, Classical Music, Musical Theatre… the list is endless! We love using music technology at Claremont to arrange, compose, record and perform. We use our purpose built recording studios to inspire and help us achieve this goal.

We love having musical incursions in the school, there is no better way to learn then to be inspired by industry professionals.

Creativity at Claremont College is so important, our music program aims to inspire, grow, excite and help dreams come true.

Primary Instrumental program

2018 marks the beginning of our Year 3 instrumental compulsory program, the aim of this program is to provide cost effective beginner instrument tuition in a group context to students. Students learn to play their chosen instrument in a supportive, inclusive, engaging and interactive environments with their peers. The end product results in exposure to an instrument that hopefully will be a lifelong passion and participation in a Year 3 training band.


Our biennial musical production takes place every even school year. Our talented, passionate staff write, choreograph and design a creative masterpiece that showcases each child and their individual talents in the Performing Arts.