Extra Curricular

Music is so important to life at Claremont. It provides countless opportunities to build confidence for our students. Music is proven to improve visual and verbal skills, concentration and memory. It creates opportunities for children to study and appreciate other cultures and to work as a team in group music making. Music teaches children to face their fears and to take risks. Research shows that students perform better academically when Music education is a part of their curriculum.

We encourage our students to be creative, to appreciate the power of music and to always use their talents to bring enjoyment to others through performance. We encourage every child to learn an instrument. We endeavour to make instrumental prices affordable while giving the children the best possible learning experiences. 

We are blessed to have an outstanding group of tutors who are experts in their field. This booklet will give you a little insight into their backgrounds, but really the truth of their experience and expertise lies in the quality lessons that they deliver each day.

Instrumental lessons begin in Year 1 and continue through to Year 6. Some instruments are not encouraged until the children are of a certain age. See ‘How to choose the correct instrument’ below.

Programs and instrumental lesson times are created in conjunction with your tutor, your child’s class teacher and Mrs Barr. Many factors affect this timetable but the academic needs of each child are the highest priority. Priority in lesson times are given to Year 6 students to ensure they have minimal disruption to their learning.

Did you know we have many performance opportunities at Claremont? These include:

  • Music Recital Evenings (one a term);
  • Weekly Chapel services;
  • School assemblies;
  • School events and celebrations;
  • Biennial musical production;
  • External school competitions;
  • External school festivals; and Dorothy Boyt Nursing home visits (Year 5).

Music Ensembles

We encourage all students to participate in a group ensemble to gain experience in performing as a group. These lessons take place at either recess, lunch time or after school, depending on the ensemble. These experiences provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to represent our school in the proudest way possible - through music!

Ensembles include:

  • School concert band;
  • School training band;
  • Senior String ensemble;
  • Junior String Ensemble;
  • Percussion ensemble;
  • Rock band; and
  • Choir.

Music at Claremont links to two of our core values, in particular:

  • Engaging learning through quality teaching across the curriculum with innovation and creativity
  • Growing and affirming the character, leadership and a sense of purpose for each individual child
  Praise the Lord with the harp; make melody to him with an instrument of 10 strings (Psalm 33:2) 


  • At Claremont we encourage students to begin learning piano, guitar, violin or drums in Year 1. Learning the piano is a good starting point for all instrumentalists. Here you learn the foundations of music theory and other elements, which helps with all future musical ventures.
  • Woodwind and brass instruments should not be started until your child has a mouth full of adult teeth-typically about 7 or 8 years of age. This allows them to position their lips and teeth correctly around or in front of any mouthpiece. If your child has any dental issues or missing teeth, learning a brass instrument is not encouraged. Clarinet is a good starting point for children in Year 1 or 2 who can then move on to Saxophone in Year 4 or 5. Maturity-learning an instrument takes patience. The initial process is a slow one and requires concentration and maturity, particularly with an instrument like the violin. However learning an instrument can in turn also help develop concentration.
  • An upright piano takes up 8 square feet in a room. You may consider trying a digital piano instead, but it’s important to invest in one that has 88 weighted keys. Always check that your chosen instructor is comfortable with your choice before you purchase one.
  • Drum sets can be purchased but take up space. An alternative is to buy an electronic drum set which saves space! Consider the size of an electric guitar, cello, saxophone, or euphonium related to the space available in your car. Also consider your child and their ability to carry around a large instrument like a cello. 
  • Be sure to take into account what you can reasonably afford to rent or purchase. We encourage students to rent instruments initially when learning rather than buying straight away. 
  • Choose an instrument your child is passionate about. Watch YouTube clips and listen to musical excerpts to determine which sounds they gravitate towards. If your child is interested in that instrument, that is the best way to start.
  • Research instruments that may match the personality of your child. An extravert may instantly connect with a trumpet, guitar or drum, while an introvert may prefer a flute, clarinet or violin.
  • Make sure you can tolerate listening to the instrument being played poorly! You will be hearing this level of musicality around your house on a daily basis when you first get started. Some digital instruments have headphone inputs so that you don’t have to listen to every rehearsal.
Physical Traits
  • Breath control - children that have trouble breathing through their nose and/or are asthmatic may experience difficulty obtaining breath control in learning the flute, saxophone or brass instruments. There are, however, strategies that can be implemented to assist students in developing their breath control. Clarinet can be a much easier instrument to master if one has poor breath control. Alternatively choose a violin.
  • Posture - good posture is needed to play the flute and violin and the ability to hold arms high at shoulder level.
  • Size - Children should be physically ready to handle large, heavy instruments such as the saxophone, trombone and euphonium. The full weight is taken around the child’s neck and small children find this difficult. 

Whichever instrument you ultimately choose, your child will need your encouragement to continue practising - especially in the beginning. Start with about 10 minutes of practice once a day and try to increase the time in 5 minute increments with a goal of approximately 30 minutes a day. As their competency improves, you shouldn’t need to nag them to practice, since much of the motivation to practice and advance their knowledge will come from inside. This said, it helps to have a cheering section during and after their daily practices so that they know that their musical talent is valued by their family.

Practice Tips

Help your child set up a special place at home to play the instrument.

Establish a time each day to play. Some children are at their best in the morning, before school. Some parents set a time after the evening bath when the child is relaxed, but not tired.

Consider using the phrase ‘playing time’ rather than ‘practice time’.

If possible, be a positive part of your child’s playing time. Sit with your child while they play and ask, “Show me what you’re learning.” Or, consider learning to play the instrument with your child. 

Praise your child for each step forward.

Never make negative remarks about how your child’s playing sounds. It takes time and effort to produce musical sounds. 

Encourage other family members to applaud the child’s efforts. Positive attention is a great motivator.

Remember that there are always peaks and valleys in the learning process. You and your child should expect times of discouragement, accept them, and focus on the positive fact that they are learning to make music. Remind them that everything worth doing takes time and effort. 

Provide positive role models. Bring your child to hear amateur or professional musicians perform. Take your child to movies that show musicians in a positive light, such as “Music of the Heart.”

Use stickers or wall charts to reward consistent practice.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Student are taken out of lessons on a rotation basis. You must understand that children may miss the occasional Maths or English lesson.
  2. Subjects are taken and payment is made for a whole semester (2 terms).
  3. Tutors provide 14 lessons during each semester. Extra lessons can be negotiated with the tutor.
  4. Lessons for children in Years 1-4 are held during school time. Lessons before school, at lunchtime and after school are generally reserved for Years 5-6.
  5. Fees are payable in full, prior to the commencement of each semester. Lessons may be withheld until payment is received.
  6. Payments must be made to the tutor directly. A receipt will be issued upon request.
  7. Fees are non-refundable except where the subject is withdrawn by the individual tutor.
  8. Where a child is absent from the school, the lesson is forfeited. The lesson will, however, be made up if the tutor is absent. Prior day’s notice of absence is appreciated. Lessons will be made up should the tutor be contacted directly prior to 9:00am on the day of the lesson.
  9. A full term’s notice in writing must be given prior to withdrawal from private tuition. Insufficient notice will necessitate payment of term’s fees. No refunds will be given for the remainder or part of the term where insufficient notice is given.
  10. Enrolments will be processed by the tutors in order of receipt of application forms. Where the number of applications exceed the number of places available, allocation will be made at the tutor’s discretion. Initially priority will be given to continuing students, but otherwise, places will be allocated on the basis of the receipt of application.
  11. Fees for Concert Band will be charged by the school directly to the student’s term account each semester. Fees for String Ensemble will be invoiced directly by the string ensemble coordinator.
  12. Efforts will be made to avoid withdrawing students during Maths and Literacy lessons. Please note this may not always happen.


3:10pm - 4:10pm
$190 for Semester 1, increasing to $200 from Semester 2 2019

Band practices each Friday afternoon after school from 3:10pm-4:10pm. The School Band perform regularly at school assemblies, recitals and Speech Day. The Band also competes in externally run band competitions and music festivals. Students are required to play at approximately Grade 1-2 AMEB on their band instrument to participate in the School Band Program. Students not having lessons with a music tutor at Claremont College are required to audition for placement in this ensemble.

Training Band (new players for 2019) will be rehearsing on Monday mornings from 7:30am to 8:30am.

See Band Handbook HERE.

Click HERE to register for Band.


Individual lessons $616 per semester
14 lessons per semester

Eamon Dilworth is a Sydney-based trumpeter, songwriter, vocalist and educator. He is a graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium in jazz and has released three critically acclaimed albums of original jazz music. He now applies this background to a multitude of other genres—performing, recording and touring with artists as diverse as Ed Kuepper, Tijuana Cartel, Caravana Sun and The Aints. He has studied toured across Australia, New Zealand and Europe and studied in Italy. His latest project, Crawfish Po’Boys, showcases his skill as a vocalist and songwriter, bringing together some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians to create New Orleans-inspired dance music for everyone to enjoy.

Eamon currently teaches brass at Marcellin College Randwick, Wenona School & Kincoppal Rose Bay in addition to conducting at Randwick PS and teaching improvisation at UNSW.

Eamon's fee for 2019 is $42 per lesson (less than the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47) + $2 room hire = $44

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Individual lessons $686 per semester
14 lessons per semester

Owen’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49

Owen Torr is a clarinettist and harpist with over 33 years teaching experience. Owen’s professional career as a harpist has spanned three decades, he has been a regular performer with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, as well as freelancing with the Melbourne, West Australian, Tasmanian, and Singapore Symphony Orchestras.

Owen originally trained as a music teacher specialist and is qualified to teach classroom music from Kindergarten to year 12. He has extensive experience preparing students for exams and this year had thirty clarinet and saxophone students examined with an average mark of A.

Owen currently teaches at several high profile schools and is looking forward to his continued association with Claremont College.

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Steven’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49


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Percy’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49

Individual lessons $686 per semester
14 lessons per semester

Percy believes instilled within every child lies the ability to exceed their potential. By exploring a range of creative outlets combining modern technology and traditional percussive elements, Percy believes students are empowered to create at a greater capacity. Having unity as the culture, Percy is passionate about building an atmosphere of support. He has had the honour of mentorship by the Percussionist from the musical, The Lion King.

$350 per semester

Musicianship enables the child to grasp a solid musical foundation through music theory and listening skills. This subject is appropriate if you wish to have your child develop a broader understanding of musical elements and it’s functions. This will highly concrete the instrumentalist’s knowledge as well as allow a fun creative outlet for the non-instrumentalist, which translates to a desired instrument in future. This class will be taught through the AMEB grading syllabus. Children are open to sit AMEB exams at request. Children will learn to hone skills that include rhythmic dictation and tempo, sight singing, transposition amongst chordal, key, pitch, tonality, interval and scale recognition. 

Individual lessons $686 per semester
14 lessons per semester 

Price on application
14 lessons per semester

Please click HERE to register for lessons with Percy


Luke’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49 

Guitar – Individual lessons - $686 per semester
Rock Band - $350 per semester (40 min lesson) 

Luke Galea has been teaching guitar for over 10 years. Born into a musical family, Luke developed a strong passion, knowledge and love for music. Having played the guitar for many years, Luke has gained a thorough understanding of the instrument which he has

displayed through live performance all over Sydney. This includes residencies at venues such as the ‘ArtHouse Hotel‘, the ‘Piano Room‘, the ‘Slip Inn‘, the ‘Bayview Hotel‘, ‘Cargo Bar‘ and the ‘Coogee Pavilion‘.

Luke offers a relaxed, friendly and professional learning experience covering various aspects of electric and acoustic guitar such as technique, rhythm & lead, improvisation, chord & scale knowledge and building a strong repertoire. Luke makes every effort to inspire, encourage & challenge his students.

Luke holds a Bachelor of Music and Grad. Dip. Ed and this training helps him to present engaging, well organised and fun lessons for students. In addition to Claremont College, Luke teaches guitar at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney and has been there for over 10 years. In this time Luke has taught students of all ages from Kindergarten right through to Year 12 HSC music. He also runs a number of small ensembles and rock bands during the week.

Most of Luke’s working life has been spent performing and teaching music. Music is his passion, and he loves to share it with his students. He teaches guitar from beginners to advanced players and demonstrates a wide range of styles of music on the guitar. Luke takes great satisfaction in seeing his students discover the joys of music and of mastering their instrument.

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Guitar - $686 per semester
Group Guitar Lessons (2 students) – Fee on application
14 lessons per Semester

Mark’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49

Mark Tsangaris is an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic musician with 17 years of experience playing guitar, performing with live acts all over Sydney and interstate and teaching guitar privately and through schools.

As a performer, Mark has shared the stage with Jessica Mauboy at the AACTA awards, recorded for Jack Vidgen in Sony Studios, performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and CMC Festival in Queensland with a CMC award nominated trio, Victoria Avenue.

As a teacher, Mark has come to understand a student’s individuality and expectations as a guitarist and focuses on building the skills necessary to get them to that level as well as uncover other aspects of guitar they didn’t know existed.   

Mark has a range of skills that he has incorporated into his teachings. These services include:

  • Building strong technique - within the first few lessons your child will be taught the correct posture and finger/hand mechanics to ensure a solid foundation.
  • Music reading - learn to fluently read both standard music notation and modern guitar tablature.
  • Song learning - uncover all chords and unique strumming patterns, the ability to identify song structures and write/read music charts so that you sound exactly like your favourite songs.
  • Music theory - explore the language and concepts of music in an easy to understand way and watch as you slowly unlock the notes of your guitar and the endless creativity that follows.
  • Songwriting - for those with the passion to truly express themselves, this one’s for you. Learn the theories and concepts of music and lyric writing and create your own sound and individuality.

 Click HERE to register for lessons with Mark.

Piano - $686 per semester
14 lessons per Semester

Visnja's fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49 

Visnja Kosanovic received her Bachelor and Master degrees in flute performance at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, Serbia.  Playing as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician - both flute and piccolo - she performed extensively in the Serbian National Opera and Ballet, M Ex Media, Ambiental Orchestra and New Art Forum chamber ensemble. Visnja also made many recordings for Serbian Radio and Television and has performed in master classes throughout Europe.  In 1999 Visnja moved to the USA and actively performed in the Washington area with groups such as the National Gallery OrchestraWashington Bach Consort, Southwest Chamber Players and Levine Woodwind Quintet. At the same time, she was teaching at Levine School of Music and International School of Music. Since moving to Sydney Visnja has joined RHH Symphony Orchestra and continues her work as a freelance musician and flute teacher. She was acknowledged as the teacher of the year 2013 at Ebenezer Mission Music School in Burwood for the excellent results that her students achieved.

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Piano - $686 per semester
14 lessons per Semester

Helena’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49

Helena has been teaching piano and music theory for over 20 years. She began her music studies at the age of 4 and performed regularly from the age of 9 - at private functions, religious events and school celebrations at Santa Sabina College Strathfield. This provided her with the best experience and preparation for both grade and diploma examinations. 

Through the music examination grading system, Helena attained the AmusA (pianoforte performing) and the Associate Diploma of the London College of Music (pianoforte teaching). Encouraged by her long time teacher James Muir to sit for the ALCM exam in Malaysia, she was also able to experience teaching piano in an overseas environment - visiting a number of studios to meet with teachers, discuss ideas and demonstrate and observe various aspects of teaching.

In 2015 and 2017, Helena was awarded a Certification of Distinction by AMEB (NSW) for being ranked as one of the top 5 Private Music Teachers in NSW (Written Subjects).

Helena currently maintains a large private studio where many of her students regularly take AMEB exams, achieving high results. Now as an accredited teacher of the Music Teachers' Association NSW, her main focus is to share her knowledge and skills in music with others so that they may cultivate and develop their own passion, enjoyment and understanding of music. She believes that anyone who has the desire to play an instrument can learn at any age and aims to equip students with the aural, technical, theoretical and performance skills that they will need to succeed, no matter which direction they may take their musical studies.

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Singing tuition - $686 per semester 
14 lessons per semester

Lyndell’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + $2 room hire = $49

Lyndell has many years of experience in singing and performance as well as in many styles of dance. Lyndell’s passion is to impart a love of singing and music to young people and equip them to perform at their very best as they discover the joy of singing and performance. She has been a dedicated vocal teacher for the past 5 years, teaching at several schools, music schools and studios, as well as teaching dance for the past 8 years. She has catered to a large age range of students, from 2-3 year olds through to high school students and adults. Her teaching is tailored for beginners through to professional singers and performers working in the entertainment and music industry, as well as training students in proficiency to sit AMEB and ANZCA exams.

Lyndell’s own life-long training in singing and music has contributed to developing her knowledge of music, singing, vocal technique and teaching. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) from Wesley Institute and a Masters of Teaching in Secondary Music, completed through Australian Catholic University. Her is vision is to be an inspiring and encouraging teacher to all her students. Lyndell finds it so rewarding to witness students’ growth in their music journey as they discover the joy of singing and develop not only in their vocal skills, but finding confidence in their voice and performance. She believes within her teaching, it is important for students to develop an understanding of their voice and how it works, but to also simultaneously develop their musicality.

She looks forward to seeing all her students grow through providing positive, nurturing learning experiences for all her students in fun, engaging lessons.

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$700 per semester for 14 lessons (additional lessons can be arranged with the tutor at the rate of $50 per lesson) 

Emma Joy Hanley is a pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator. She holds a Masters of Business Administration (USyd), a Bachelor of Music (QUT), an AMusA (AMEB) in piano performance and an Associate of Music in songwriting and voice (Berklee College of Music, USA). 

Emma has worked extensively in the USA/global music industry and has worked alongside 6-time Grammy-nominated arranger Chris Walden. As a project manager, she has coordinated and produced various commercial recording sessions, performances, music videos and documentaries. As a singer/songwriter, Emma has performed her music worldwide in venues around New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Sydney. She has released 3 x EP’s and 1 x LP of original music.

Emma enjoys sharing her professional experience with students and encouraging them

to build the skills they need to reach their goals. She is passionate about helping students learn about the music industry and to find their own voice through the study of music. 

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Individual lessons $686 per semester
14 lessons per semester 

Margaret’s fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + 2 room hire = $49

String Ensemble – fees on application
14 lessons per semester

Margaret was a Student of legendary Cellist, Barbara Woolley. She was awarded a 2 Year Orchestral Scholarship with the ABC Sinfonia and Sydney Symphony Orchestra Scholarship at Age 18 Years. A great reward after growing up in the rich musical history of the Sydney Youth Orchestra (Principal Cellist), Australian Youth Orchestra and Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra.

The Lindsay Trio, with Sisters Maria & Angela won the 2MBS Young Performers Scholarship and had many interesting engagements offered to them in their early twenties. Margaret then embarked on a Freelance Career including Tasmanian Symphony, Sydney Symphony and the Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra and many shows in Sydney. In 1989 she moved to London taking lessons at the Royal Academy, and again freelancing Chamber & Orchestral work and a regular Principal with Les Miserables and the National Symphony Orchestra. 

Since returning to Sydney she has toured Asia many times with Professional Theatre, had popular success with Album and Ensemble, ‘Impromptu Car ice and over almost 3 decades has continued to develop talented Cello Students. She currently teaches at Claremont College and also teaches and Conducts Orchestras in various Schools; St Mary’s Cathedral College, St Clare’s College, Reddam, Christian Brothers Lewisham and Waverley Boys College.

Margaret continues to perform, rehearse and record in Professional Orchestras, and Studios on a regular basis in Sydney.

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Individual lessons $686 per semester 14 lessons per semester 

Dominique's fee for 2019 is based on the Music Teachers Association 2019 recommended minimum fee of $47 + 2 room hire = $49

Dominique Guerbois, our new violin tutor. 

If you are interested in learning more about your child receiving violin or viola lessons, please complete the attached LINK.

Before School & After School Activities


Artisan at Home have been running Art and Craft workshops to primary aged children in from the Maroubra Studio since 2017. Each week our mini creatives explore, play, enquire and work on small Art and Design projects. We believe that emotional regulation requires the use of all our senses and helps to slow down busy minds. Fostering confidence early with tactile arts will be an investment into future health and wellbeing. 

Founder Phi Morton has two children currently attending Claremont and has crafted with her mother since she was young. Her passion for design and technology, nature, lost crafts, mindfulness, handmade gifts and upcycling, now translates to design hunting, testing, making and teaching inspiring arts for creative minds. Ever thought about the future skills needed in a highly tuned sophisticated society? Art helps develop resourcefulness, community, creativity and invention.

At Claremont we offer two Artisan Clubs after school in the room at the back of the hall. Between 3:30pm - 5:00pm we cover many types of media and techniques including sewing, sculpting, painting, weaving and construction. Open to Kindy to Year 6. Choose from Monday’s or Wednesday’s. Each term consists of 7-10 weeks and works out to be $28 per class. Fees are payable upon enrolment.

We are excited to offer a Drawing Skills class throughout Term 1 where expressions of interest will be taken, spots are limited. Our recommendation is for ages 8+. A day of the week will be confirmed as we work out the best day to meet.  Get in early to have your say! Bring along an A3 sketch pad and all other materials will be supplied. Each class works out to be $16 and fees are payable upon term enrolment. 

All our Art Educators hold valid WWCC and classes have a maximum of 10. If term based Art is not possible we also have the best of the best of our crafts rolled into all day holiday workshops. 

For more information please contact Phi Morton on 0403377420. Bookings are taken online at any time. If you are joining us part way through term, pay only for the remainder of term. Sibling discounts are offered, just drop Phi a message. We look forward to being a part of your child’s art and design journey! 


Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at Claremont College is held on Friday mornings from 8:00am – 8:40am. The cost for the coaching is $11 per lesson per child. There are approximately 8-10 lessons during each term.

Learning and playing chess helps children develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills, improves their concentration and focus, while also being a great source of enjoyment. Our classes begin with an interactive lecture by one of our experienced coaches. During the second half of the lesson, children play games against each other, putting newly learned strategies into practice. As the term progresses and the children become proficient in all the basics, the lectures will move on to more complex ideas such as strategy, middle game ideas and chess technique. 

Students earn merit awards by making checkmates, or by displaying skills and positive qualities like good behaviour and sportsmanship, which all good chess players strive to develop.

The dates for 2019 Friday morning (8:00am-8:40am) Chess Club at Claremont College are listed below (Terms 1-4) and the cost will be a Term fee based on $11 per student per lesson.  The Term fee varies each term, depending on the number of weeks.

8 Feb - 12 Apr

3 May - 28 Jun

26 Jul - 27 Sep

18 Oct - 29 Nov

To register for Chess Coaching please click HERE

Price to be confirmed

With an increasingly digital world, coding and other computing skills are becoming essential for the future. Code Create runs fun and exciting coding classes for students of any age, introducing and extending them into this digital world. We teach classes ranging from Minecraft Modding, exploring the basics of computing and coding fundamentals, to Web Development where they can get the freedom to design and build their own website. There may even be a chance to explore one of the most popular coding languages today called Python, which can be used for anything ranging from work automation to web applications (used in websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Airbnb, etc.). If this excites you, come join us every Monday afternoon, 3:30pm - 4:30pm. No previous coding experience required.

Click HERE to complete the registration form. 

$295 per semester 

Curtain Call is a group class that focuses on everything that is Musical Theatre. Students will explore the art of musical theatre and performance through combining vocal skills, acting techniques and movement. Our Curtain Call classes are not competitive but are geared towards giving students the opportunity to develop and refine skills involved in musical theatre and develop confidence as young performers. These classes would be suitable for those who have good vocal ability, have a good sense of rhythm, have a natural dance ability and of course are ready to collaborate and work as a team. Some examples of skills that may be developed through these lessons are vocal projection, developing group performances for an audience, the art of telling a story through a song, following direction and characterisation. Students will have various performance opportunities throughout the year, to further their confidence and skills in performance and to show off what they have been learning in class.

These classes will be led by Lyndell Pym. Through Curtain Call, she aims to inspire and educate her students of the world of Musical Theatre, while encouraging them to strive to do their very best in sharpening their performance skills.

Please feel free to call or email the office to organise a chat with Lyndell, to discuss if this class is suitable for your child.   

About Lyndell Pym

Lyndell’s own life-long training in singing, dance and acting has fuelled her love and passion for musical theatre and performance. Along with many years of training in these areas of creative performance, she holds a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) from Wesley Institute and a Masters of Teaching in Secondary Music. Her vision is to be an inspiring and encouraging teacher to all her students. Lyndell finds it so rewarding to witness students’ growth in their creative journey as they discover the joy of performance and develop not only in their performance skills, but finding confidence in their self. 

Some of her recent accomplishments involve directing various productions including her latest highlight, Into The Woods Junior. Lyndell regularly performs herself in Musical Theatre productions such as Cats and taking on lead roles such as Lois in Kiss Me Kate, as well as in venues across Sydney as a vocalist/performer. 

Click HERE to register for lessons with Lyndell. 

Approximately $230 per term

Little Rainbow Chefs is offering after school cooking classes. Our classes are designed to teach children different cooking skills that will foster confidence and independence. We will be doing age appropriate recipes and we will use fresh ingredients. The skills they will learn they can use at home and will last for life.  We will talk about making healthy choices, but we will also make some fun sometimes foods.

We have classes for Kindy-Year 3 from 3:30pm-4:15pm and Years 4-6 from 4:30pm-5:30pm. The cost for the lessons are approximately $200 per term. A food levy is additional cost.      

Students are only required to bring a container to take home their weekly creations.

Class sizes are strictly limited to: Kindy-Year 3, a maximum of 12 students and Years 4-6, a maximum of 16 students.

Click HERE to register for lessons with Little Rainbow Chef. 

$350 per semester

John Sotiropolous studied Modern Greek and Italian language and literature, Classics and Ancient History at the University of Melbourne. Upon completing his studies, he moved Cyprus and had the opportunity to extend his studies at the Universities of Athens and Cyprus. After spending two decades teaching K-12 Greek language & Literature and History at private British schools in Cyprus, he returned to Australia. John is currently teaching Greek at various schools in the Greek Communities of Sydney and together with adult classes also.

Click HERE to register for Greek lessons.