At Claremont College, our policy is to encourage students to have an active and healthy life-style. Therefore, our Canteen aims to provide only fresh healthy meals and snacks.


About Us

The Anthony Family has been in Food Service and Hospitality since the 1950’s when our Great Grandfather opened a Coffee Lounge in Ashfield called the MONTE CARLO. ANTHONY CATERING started off in the 1990’s when Mumma Di Anthony started off as a Volunteer Mum at James’ School Canteen, she was offered a role as a Canteen Assistant and quickly became the Manager. Fast forward to 2021 Mumma Di has retired and helps out when she can. ANTHONY CATERING is now operated by her two children James and Patricia and has become a very reputable Canteen Service Provider managing over 14 School Canteens in Sydney. We bake our own muffins, cookies and slices and we have daily specials and even change our menu to suit the weather.

The canteen operates Monday through to Friday offering a large selection of hot and cold items. The canteen menu has been designed in association with the Healthy Kids Association.  We offer online pre-ordering as well as over the counter sales for children to purchase items at both break times 

Some of our daily specials at the moment are: • Penne Pasta with Bolognese Sauce • Homemade lasagne • Homemade Beef Nachos • Good old-fashioned Sausage Sizzle • Fresh Sushi Rolls • Greek Salad with Chicken • Garden Salad with Chicken • Carrot and Celery Sticks • Carrot, Celery Sticks, Hummus & Wrap Bread • Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Options available 


Orders can be placed for both recess and lunch through an online ordering system called Flexischools ( You can also download the app and order from any smartphone or tablet device. Orders are required to be placed by 8:30am on the day the order is required, however, you can place orders up to four weeks in advance. 

Details to setup your account, how to place an order, how to change my child’s class, how to get a refund etc are listed on the Flexischools website:

Recess orders are collected from the canteen by each child who has an order, lunch orders are collected by class lunch monitors from each class and brought back to the class, each child’s order is placed in individual bags with their name and ordered item on the bag.  If frozen items are ordered, your child will receive either a separate slip from the canteen  or a stamp on their brown bag and will need to collect it from the canteen. The slip or bag will need to be presented to the canteen staff


If for whatever reason your child does not receive a meal with the class bucket, ie your order didn’t go through, or was put through on the wrong day etc…..we offer IOUs. This will involve your child letting the teacher know they don’t have their food order, your child will need to collect an IOU form from the office. The office will call the you to confirm what food to order. They can then present this to the canteen and receive their meal. This IOU will then be sent home to you to arrange payment. This can be done through the Flexischools app.

If you have any concerns with your orders or would like to discuss anything with the canteen staff, please feel free to email us at  

James Anthony