Teaching & Learning

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Learning at school is fun, I love my classroom and teachers!


Our goal is to improve student learning in all aspects of school life. 

To do this we aim to:

  • provide a Christian worldview to help students understand the world, as well as their purpose and place in it
  • enable all students to understand how they best learn and identify their strengths, gifts and talents
  • develop a shared language and framework to articulate what successful learning at Claremont College looks like
  • use technology and innovation
  • create and maintain an attractive and stimulating physical environment that supports and promotes learning, positive relationships, resilience, health and well-being
  • value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, perspectives and histories
  • celebrate, value and appreciate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our student, adding to the depth and richness of our school community.
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I love teaching at Claremont. I have never been so satisfied by my work, challenged, stretched and grown in my profession and career. I am rewarded knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of kids and others.

team work is our focus at Claremont

Our goal is to develop and extend staff knowledge, understanding and implementation of the most effective evidence-based teaching practices. 

To do this we aim to:

  • develop the Claremont College co-teaching model
  • nurture a culture of professional learning.

Another goal is to attract and retain talented and highly professional Christian staff.

To do this we aim to:

  • provide excellent facilities, spaces and resources to equip teachers for success
  • provide systems and programs for professional growth
  • target recruitment practices that attract talented staff who profess and live out their Christian faith
  • prioritise staff well-being goals and strategies.