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Claremont Staff Out and About

Planning for the Future

EduTECH Asia, Singapore, November 2019
Presenter: Mr Doug Thomas

Planning for the Future Presentation

Co Teaching: A Model For Students & Teachers

EduTech Asia, Singapore, November 2019
Presenters: Doug Thomas & Janelle Ford

Co Teaching a Model for Students and Teachers Presentation

Are You a Future Schools Leader?
International Confederation of Principals Convention, Shanghai, October 2019
Workshop Presenter: Mr Doug Thomas

Are You a Future Schools Leader Presentation

Melbourne, March 2018 - National FutureSchools Expo And Conference

Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal)
Co Teaching In The Early Years

Brenda Dalheim (Head of Learning Support)
Celebrating Co-Teaching and Student Diversity

Alanna James (Classroom Teacher)
Co Teaching Case Study Warts And All

Doug Thomas (Principal) and Brenda Dalheim (Head of Learning Support) speak at EduTECH Conference - Singapore, November, 2017

Challenging Traditional Assumptions and Rethinking Learning Spaces

Achieving Success for all Students through Inclusion

Co-teaching for Improved Student Outcomes

Hallmarks of Outstanding K-12 Educational Leadership 

Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal), Joe Paton (Infants Co-ordinator), Emily Eu (Year 3 Teacher): Excellence in Professional Practice Conference - Gold Coast May, 2017

Co-Teaching to Improve Student Outcomes: An Investigation into the Processes and the Cultural Changes That Need to Occur in Between Changing Physical Spaces Classroom Spaces into Co-Teaching Spaces that enable Improved Student Outcomes to be Achieved.


Doug Thomas (Principal), Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal), Brenda Dalheim (Head of Learning Support): USA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) - Annaheim March 2017

'Co-Teaching Aussie Style'

Doug Thomas (Principal), Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal), Brenda Dalheim (Head of Learning Support) and Year 6 student panel: Criterion Conference 'Achieving Learning Differentiation' November 2016

'Ensuring Student Engagement within a Differentiated Curriculum'

Doug Thomas (Principal), Stephanie Affleck (Kindergarten Teacher): Criterion Conference: School Learning Space Design - Melbourne, May 2016

'School Learning Space Design: measuring for success'

Doug Thomas (Principal), Stephanie Affleck (Year 6 Teacher): Criterion Conference - School Learning Space Design, Sydney, October 2016

'Measuring student and teacher outcomes for new learning environments'

Joseph Paton (Infants Co-ordinator) and Mr Tom Russell (Kindergarten Teacher): ACEL Early Childhood Conference - Brisbane, July 2016

Mr Paton and Mr Russell delivered the following presentation which told the story of changes in pedagogy (co-teaching) and teaching spaces at Claremont College and how we are aiming to equip our learners with the skills and dispositions they will require in the future. 


Doug Thomas (Principal) and Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal)- EduTECH Conference, Brisbane, May 2016

IT Strategic Plan 2016

Modern Learning Spaces 2016

Doug Thomas (Principal) - Association of Independent Schools  NATIONAL ICT Conference, Canberra, May 2016

Developing an Effective Consultative IT Strategic Plan

At Claremont we have undertaken a complete K-6 classroom refurbishment program. This has been done to align with our new model of co-teaching and culture of learning. Our research is showing a very pleasing relationship between co-teaching and improved student outcomes. To support our initiatives we have worked intensively to produce a IT strategic plan that has focussed on 3 key areas; 1. teaching and learning (our pedagogy)  2. identifying and consulting with the key stakeholders  3. carefully navigating the principles for successful change management

This 2 hour workshop we will present our strategic plan and explore some other models of IT strategic plans. We will also focus on key inclusions and considerations to satisfy all stakeholders for the ultimate benefit of teaching and learning. 



Our Kindergarten and Year 1 Classrooms - Best refurbishment for a project under $2million  

NSW Chapter of ‘Learning Environments (Australasia) 2017 Awards 

Learning Environments is an international association that promotes innovation and excellence in the design of classrooms and school facilities. The association comprises mostly educators, architects, and academics. This award was given to our Kindergarten and Year One Learning Spaces. Our students have stunning classrooms and we are delighted!


Our Year 2 and Year 3 Classrooms - ‘The People’s Choice Award’. This is an incredible achievement and affirmation, given that we came first out of 89 projects represented from across Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Over 500 delegates at the conference voted for the project they thought was designed the best to reflect the teaching and learning needs of the school.

CEFPI Australasia is a community of professionals involved in the education field including Architects, Interior Designers and Planners, Educators, Project Managers, Administrators and Suppliers working together to plan and build better learning environments for students throughout South-east Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.

COMMENDation 2014

Our Year 4 and Year 5 Classrooms - CEFPI Award

Renovation/Modernisation under $2million

"The clever transformation of a heritage building that has 'revealed the forgotten spaces consumed by poor circulation and cellular teaching techniques' and created a variety of flexible teaching spaces infused with natural light. 

The use of accent colour in key areas adds a pop of colour as a counter to the generally white walls throughout. Form and detailing have been very well handled with a series of architectural surprises such as the storage wall to the staircase and the Lego wall that adds a touch of fun expected in a project of this nature." - Judges's citation 


'In recognition of an outstanding contribution towards the pursuit of a high quality built environment"