Professional Learning Opportunities

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Our Strategic Plan emphasises the priority we place on sharing our story and our learning with the wider educational community. For this reason, we invite you to learn with us, and to explore the many professional learning opportunities we offer. Educators come to Claremont regularly to learn about a variety of themes and topics including; learning space design, the Claremont College Research Project, co-teaching, inclusive education and learning support, distributive leadership, developing strong teams, student and staff well-being initiatives, innovation in education and effective change management. 


We love having visitors. Our leadership, students and staff are keen to share with you, and to show you around our school.


Our experience is that as we share our story, we learn too. As we connect and learn together, our goal is to equip and empower educators around the world, so that students, teachers and schools across Australia and world-wide, benefit and flourish. 

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I am truly blown away by the professionalism, creativity and inspirational teaching and learning. 


I am impressed by the variety of learning spaces, and the openness of the staff to share their journey with us.  St Josephs Parramatta Park - Cairns August 2016

Your learning spaces are like the meeting of "home" and the "classroom". St Josephs Parramatta Park - Cairns August 2016

What has been so obvious is that your growth over the past 8 years has come from vision, determination and patience. MacKillop Catholic College - Cairns August 2016

There is great support and unity between everyone and the learning of the students.  It really is valuable to see this in action, so thank you, it has been great!  Picton High School

I am truly blown away by the professionalism, creativity and inspirational teaching and learning.   Pacific Hills Christian College

I love the thought that you never stop learning. The possibility of co-teaching would re-ignite, challenge and make me more accountable to become a better teacher.   St Johns Lutheran School

I loved the set-up of the classrooms. Bright natural light, lots of different areas for children to move and feel secure and comfortable. Areas for quiet, seclusion too. Lots of learning and happy, smiling children.  St John's Lutheran School

A warm inviting school which values the members of its community - both staff and students.  I felt very at home.  Victory Lutheran College

This school has gone beyond the expectations of what I expected to see - professionalism, engagement of staff and students, an active learning environment and positive relationships.  Giant Steps

I am impressed by the way the physical spaces have been transformed whilst retaining an acknowledgement of the rich school history. Loved the subtle theme rooms.   Stonefields School

The spaces change according to the age and stage.  Loved the use of colour and embracing the history of the school. Evidence that you can turn perceived inflexible spaces into very flexible spaces. Turning challenges/constraints into opportunities. Better architectural outcomes leading to better learning spaces as a result of the constraint.  Kelburn Normal School, Wellington

We have come to see how the schools pedagogy is applied to the learning space. I have been impressed by the engagement of the teachers and students in the learning spaces. I observed inspired and engaged teachers and educators who are all co-teaching based on shared pedagogy. Kelburn Normal School Wellington

I was impressed by the student driven learning. The teachers outlined the task and then allowed the students to choose their own medium to meet the requirements of the rubric. St Philip's Christian College, Cessnock

I was impressed by the  inclusion of a kitchen as a main part of the classroom, curtains rather than moveable walls and the great use of awkward small spaces. Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar

The ability of the students to view their learning as their responsibility and willingness to participate individually and collaboratively. Regents Park Christian School

The very clever use of learning spaces that are thoughtfully designed to allow for students to be engaged in their learning and the opportunity to work collaboratively. Thomas Hassell Anglican College

I love the atmosphere and homeliness of each learning space and the possibilities for creative learning and potential for each child to learn the way they learn best. Oran Park Anglican College 

The power of good design - how it can change the social interaction, learning, independence and engagement of the children. Sam George – Urban Designer

The co-teaching model has fostered a great supportive network with the staff. We have learnt the importance to have a goal to drive what you are doing and not to try to do too many things at once. Brindabella Christian College

You have been so generous in making us feel welcome and providing the time and the tour.  It is an amazing school and I feel much richer as a result of my visit.  Enormous thanks, greatly appreciated!  Mt Carmel College, Hobart

The thing that struck the most was the feeling of energy and busyness of the campus.  From Principal to student, all were enthusiastic and clearly want to be part of a forward moving learning environment.  A credit to Mr Thomas and the community of Claremont College. Trinity College, Albury

The tour of the school was amazing. All staff including the office staff were so welcoming and warm. What an amazing environment to work in every day! Maroubra Bay Public School.

We visited to observe the learning spaces of a co-teaching environment and to see how the children are using the spaces and how the teachers share the role. …We spoke about indigenous heritage and influence within the school and how they have opportunities for authentic learning. Blair-Athol North, BanB-7, South Australia.

I was impressed by the learning spaces, architecture, research project, friendliness and willingness of the staff to engage in discussion and share their learning journey. Blair-Athol North School, South Australia.