Enrolment Application

The enrolment process follows the steps outlined in the ‘Enrolment of Students Guidelines and Procedures’.

The enrolment process at Claremont College is summarised as follows:

Enrolment Process

  • Parents/Guardians enquire about enrolment at Claremont College
  • Parents/Guardians read ‘Conditions of Enrolment’ prior to completing the Application for Enrolment’
  • Complete ‘Application for Enrolment’ along with ‘Application Fee’ at the link below.
  • College confirms receipt of application and enrolment fee in writing
  • Child is placed on a list of prospective students
  • College undertakes pre-enrolment interviews for available vacancies
  • Parents/Guardians are informed of the enrolment outcome, following interview, in writing
  • Should the ‘Enrolment Application’ be successful, parents/guardians will be sent a letter of offer
  • Parents/Guardians accept or decline offer in writing
  • Acceptance Fee is paid with acceptance offer
  • Enrolment confirmed, in writing, by Claremont College upon receipt of Acceptance Fee.