School Traffic Management Plan

We seek to ensure that children, staff and members of our wider community are safe. Additionally, it is our goal to ensure that our community is impacted as minimally as possible by school traffic. Our Traffic Management Plan has been devised in consultation with Randwick City Council. Parents are expected to comply with this plan and to fully cooperate with the directives of staff. 

We ask our neighbours and other members of the local community to please immediately inform us of any problems or concerns.

Over the past 10 years the School has worked closely with Randwick Council to make improvements to traffic management in our neighbourhood. Specific actions have included the concreting and guttering of Judge St, the removal of unnecessary signs and trees on the footpath to reduce the time it takes for students to be collected, and to improve visibility and safety. The School also provides a good number of staff to assist parents and students with drop off and pickup, as well as staggered pickup times in the afternoon. 

The Claremont College Resident Consultative Group commenced in 2018 to provide a forum for the school and residents to work together and share ideas in a cooperative and constructive manner.