STEM @ Claremont College

At Claremont College, each grade engages with timetabled STEM activities every week. Underpinning these activities is the following framework:


At Claremont College, STEM learning is characterised by investigative challenges and technology experiences. During STEM investigations, students are presented with problems or challenges. They collaborate in small groups to use construction materials to design and create solutions that meet set criteria. These challenges can also be interdisciplinary.

“It really gets me into a creative mood. There are so many possibilities and variations. It really helps me develop my teamwork skills.” - William, Year 3.Screenshot-2023-07-03-at-11.01.40-am.png?mtime=20230703110152#asset:35110

Technology experiences are designed to develop students’ abilities in block coding. Our Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students learn coding through an online program called Scratch Junior, while our Year 6 students explore Lego Mindstorms.

“It’s like driving a car, but using an iPad. I look forward to programming my robot to go to where it’s meant to go.” Charlotte PYear 3.Screenshot-2023-07-03-at-11.02.34-am.png?mtime=20230703110245#asset:35111

We would like to acknowledge our wonderful P&F committee for supporting our students’ STEM learning through their fundraising initiatives in 2021. 

Mr Darren Oen
Head of Science