Script 1

(Holding prop) My name is Cornelia Anne Valentine. Personally I can’t stand my name so most people just call me Corrie. Even it it’s a boy’s name it’s better than Cornelia (articulates every sound) as my mother calls me. My favourite thing is my new calculator app . It’s a scientific calculator that works out averages and other mathematical stuff. My tutor lets me use it because in high school they get to use calculators and we are doing Year 8 Maths at the moment. Before mum takes me to my tutor I also watch tele. I like watching The Kardashians and ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne’, (although I only ever watch them before Mum gets home). She’d freak out if she knew I watched it.

Some people seem to think that kids have no cares in the world! If only that were true. My list is so long I get stressed just thinking about how long my list is.

I worry about assignments,
I worry about my piano exams
I worry about the future.
I worry about high school
I worry getting a scholarship.
I worry about my ATAR.
I worry about getting a university.
I worry about getting busted by Mum for watching the tele after school and I hope that she doesn’t find out that I steal her money and buy junk food on my way home from school.