Script 2

My family is the best! My dad is famous and I’m named after him. He used to play for Souths and my grandfather played for Souths in 5 grand finals in a row years and years ago. One day I’m going to play for Souths too. I have 3 older brothers who are all cool, they are Trent, Bryce and Joel. We fight but we always end up happy. We drive Mum crazy, she always complains about all of our dirty washing and making hundreds of sandwiches. My biggest brother, Joel gets into the most trouble. Dad is always screaming at him about using the car and now things are really bad, Joel wants to play rugby union. Dad choked on his dinner when he found out.

I don’t get into trouble much, except for when we made the babysitter cry and Mum and Dad had to come home from a dinner party early.