Script 3

Hi Mum, I wish you were here today to listen to my singing. I nailed it. I’ve been working on it for 6 months and my tutor thinks I’m ready for the auditions. 

A kid was teasing me again today, Mum. He said I smell and that I don’t have baths or showers because I’m an orphan. I told him it’s not my fault that I don’t have a Dad and a Mum. I told them that even though my mum died, she is in my heart and that she has never left me. I said that you have never left me and you will always love me... even though I can’t see you. He laughed at me and called me a poor, poor baby and then he had the nerve to say I was going crazy and I needed to spend more time with the school counsellor. 

I got so mad and I kicked him so hard. AND HE DESERVED IT. I know you always told me to be kind and to always be true. I just couldn’t help it today... I’m sorry, I know you wouldn’t be happy with that. 

I was about to get into huge trouble with the Deputy but the school counsellor stuck up for me… I don’t know why she believed in me… but  she is awesome. 

MUM, I really miss you. Some days I miss you so much that it hurts. Today’s one of those days…