Claremont College is dedicated to providing a quality education that prepares students for success in the 21st century. One critical aspect of our curriculum is Mathematics, which we teach using a variety of methods to ensure that all students can learn and thrive. We believe in providing a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to mathematics instruction that includes daily reviews, direct instruction, hands-on activities, problem-solving, and 21st-century learning.

Daily Reviews

One of the ways we teach Mathematics at Claremont College is through daily reviews. Studies show that daily reviews can significantly enhance instruction and improve student outcomes. By incorporating this strategy into their teaching, our teachers help students develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts, build confidence, and engage more fully in their learning. Daily reviews are an excellent way for students to review previously learned material, identify areas of difficulty, and practise their skills.

Direct Instruction

Another important teaching method we use is direct instruction. Our experienced teachers use this method to explain mathematical concepts and demonstrate problem-solving techniques. They use examples and models to illustrate these concepts, making them easier for students to understand. With this approach, students gain a clear understanding of mathematical concepts, which form the foundation for future learning.

Hands-On Learning Experiences

Hands-on learning experiences in Mathematics are an effective way to engage students and provide numerous benefits for learners of all grade levels. Through the use of manipulatives and games, students are able to actively participate in their learning, making it more interactive and enjoyable. These hands-on activities help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts as they are able to see, touch and manipulate objects to solve problems. This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and promotes a growth mindset towards Mathematics. Manipulatives and games can be used in a variety of ways and at all grade levels, from simple counting and sorting activities to more complex problem-solving tasks. By incorporating hands-on learning experiences, students are able to develop critical thinking skills, improve their confidence, and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics.

Problem-Solving Tasks

The use of rich problem-solving tasks is another critical aspect of our Mathematics programs at Claremont College. We teach our students a systematic approach to problem-solving, emphasising critical thinking and logical reasoning to find solutions. These skills are crucial for success in the 21st century, enabling students to think creatively and solve real-world problems while fostering collaboration and teamwork. Through engaging in these activities, students develop a deeper understanding of Mathematics, equipping them with the skills necessary to tackle future mathematical tasks.

21st Century Learning

We also believe in the importance of 21st-century learning at Claremont College. Our teachers incorporate technology into lessons, using online resources and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience. They also use online resources to collaborate with peers, create and share ideas, and solve problems together. This helps to engage our students and prepare them for the technological demands of the modern world. Technology enables students to show their creativity, critical thinking, and personalise their learning.

Association of Independent Schools New South Wales (AISNSW)

Claremont College is proud to have worked with the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales (AISNSW) on the Primary Numeracy Project in 2023. This initiative aims to improve the numeracy skills of primary school students across New South Wales, providing schools with resources and support to improve the teaching of numeracy in the primary years (K-6). Through this project, our teachers have received professional development to enhance their teaching skills and to better understand the latest research and best practices in numeracy instruction. At Claremont College, we are committed to ensuring our students receive the best possible education in Mathematics, and we strive to continually improve our program to meet the needs of our students.

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." - Albert Einstein

Mrs Emily Eu
Head of Mathematics