OUR NEW e-Library


Be a bookworm!
With both the lockdown and Easter Holidays we are excited to launch 'SORA' where you can access books galore..

We are so excited to announce that Claremont College has gone live with Australian Primary eBooks NOW. 

This is a shared library collection of 1,250 quality titles, specifically selected for primary schools. By subscribing to eBooks Now it provides all our students access to an exciting digital collection offering rich, varied writing styles, beloved titles and popular authors. The collection titles are chosen by educational content experts based on the most popular reads among school students. There are also 200 classic titles accessible in the collection. This collection will be accessible via the school library catalogue in the future but over the coming weeks please access this collection in the Sora app via the link below. 

Exploring eBooks Now Collection (Handy Tips)

The Sora app is very user friendly and it is worth taking the time to explore all the available resources with your children.

  • Use the Explore (binoculars) icon to explore the entire collection. Then simply click on selected subjects of interest. Click on explore all subjects to access the entire subjects collection.
  • One useful feature is the Read Sample option as this allows the user to check out the text and illustrations before borrowing. 
  • For younger readers the Beginning Reader collection is worth exploring.
  • Read-Alongs they allow the student to listen to a narrated story but also follow the reader as the words are highlighted.
  • If you feel your children have had too much time looking at a screen do a search of the range of audiobooks available.
  • Please read the attached sheets forwarded from our IT department to assist you further in navigating your selecting and borrowing resources.

To Access eBooks Now

Click on the link

Sign into your school - select Claremont College

Username: for example john.smith or if a student has a longer name it will be the same format as their email. 

We are very excited to share this digital collection with our students and really look forward to feedback from everyone. This digital resource collection has been selected to enhance our school's traditional library collection. We still recognise and value the huge importance of physical books in children's lives. The pleasure of sharing a hard book with children and the joy derived by the tactile experience, of feeling and touching books is something very special. This digital collection, we hope is going to help maintain all the students reading over the coming weeks. I expect to hear many book reviews from all our keen readers! 

Please contact if you require further help.

Happy Easter holiday and COVID-19 lock-down reading.

Mrs Susan Kesur
Claremont College Library