Personal Development and Health Across the Grades


PDHPE stands for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and encompasses multiple aspects of student wellbeing. The subject is divided at Claremont College into Personal Development and Health (PDH) and Physical Education. Physical Education is taught in our PE and Sport times by Mrs Lee or an external provider whereas PDH is taught within the classroom context.

Here is an overview of what children across the school have been learning about this term.

KINDERGARTEN - This term Kindergarten students have been learning all about hygiene. This concept is really important for children to understand. So far students have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about germs; what they are and how they spread. Please feel free to ask Kindergarten students all about what we can do to stop the spread of germs and how to stay clean and healthy. In the coming weeks we will further our investigation into hygiene by considering the importance of dental hygiene as well as how to prevent spreading colds.

 YEAR 1 - Year 1 has been learning about safety: staying safe at school, at home and on the road. They have enjoyed making posters and learning songs to help remind us about staying safe. Following our big Social Skills focus in Term 2, Mrs McKenzie has been working with Year 1 on ‘being a bucket filler’ and what it means to be a caring and empathetic friend.

YEAR 2 - This term Year 2 students have been focussing on the environment and how vital it is to look after the world we live in. So far Year 2 have researched a variety of ways they can help keep our environment clean and healthy. These include:

- Conserving water and energy by turning off taps and switching off lights.

- Cleaning up rubbish to help keep our environment clean and tidy and stop pollution.

- Tree planting and the importance of looking after our plants and wildlife.

This unit has really allowed Year 2 to think of practical ways of helping our environment safe and free from pollution.

 YEAR 3 - During this term Year 3 students have been investigating what it means to live an active lifestyle. They have been researching different types of physical activity and the positive effects of partaking in some form of daily physical activity. For the rest of the term the students will take a look at the nutrients in food and explore the importance of a balanced diet. 

YEAR 4 - Year 4 are becoming experts on Nutrition this term as they continue to understand what it means to eat healthy foods. They have spent some time looking at the healthy food pyramid investigating which foods are healthy foods and which foods we should eat less often. This has helped to gain a better understanding of how to keep their body fit and healthy.

 YEAR 5 - This term Year 5 has been learning about the immune system. The immune system is the body’s inner defence system. Year 5 now understand the importance of a healthy immune system and the way in which vaccinations help to support our immune system and keep us healthy. Year 5 created a performance to demonstrate their knowledge.

YEAR 6 - Throughout this term Year 6 has been building upon their understanding of nutrition. They have been considering the nutritional qualities of the food that they eat each day and the amounts of sugars, oils and salt in popular foods in our supermarkets and in our cupboards at home. This has helped the students gain a deeper understanding of healthy eating and foods that help fuel our body.


Mrs Emily Crerar 

Head of PD/H