Student Leadership

Last week we congratulated our 2021 Year 6 Student Leaders. They have already proven to be fantastic leaders to their Kindergarten buddies and to others in our school community. This week we congratulated our Kindergarten to Year 5 Grade Captains and presented them with their leadership badge. 

Congratulations to following Term 1 Grade Captains:

  • Kindy - Darasimi A, Harry L, Ethan K, Harriet
  • Year 1 - Tom H, Maelyn G, Lola S, Nicholas S
  • Year 2 - Caitlyn Y, Jai P, Lily P, Juliette F
  • Year 3 - Angus K, Ava L, Maelia G, Georgia G
  • Year 4 - Lara D, Marnie L, Evie J, Billy R
  • Year 5 - Isabella W, Sophie R, Chloe M, Gia G

Throughout this year we will be explicitly teaching all of our students about Claremont College’s 10 Leadership Markers. We believe that it is important to nurture and mentor every child’s leadership development, and to educate what it means to be an effective leader, even from the early years of their schooling. 

The Claremont College Leadership Markers include:

  1. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  2. Organisational Skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills and Initiative
  4. Integrity and Social Justice
  5. Resilience, Grit, Reflectiveness and Growth Mindset
  6. Servant Leadership
  7. School Core Values of Collaboration, Innovation and Compassion
  8. Community Involvement and Contribution of Co-Curricular Activities
  9. Commitment to Learning
  10. School Code of Conduct

More information about these Leadership Markers will be communicated throughout the year.


K-Y2 Leaders


Y3-5 Leaders