We are delighted that Claremont College is the recipient of an 'International Forums of Global Practitioners' Global Inclusion Award - 2024.

From submissions from 39 countries, a total of 149 organisations and individuals have been recognised and celebrated across eight categories – architecture and design, corporate and business, culture, education, social impact, health, sports, leisure and tourism. A meticulous evaluation of all applications was conducted by a distinguished panel of inclusion specialists representing each of these sectors.

The aim of the awards is to:

“shine a light on the diverse inclusion challenges that the world faces and to showcase existing best practices that can guide others towards ensuring equitable access and benefits in education, employment, culture, and leisure activities worldwide”.

Claremont College is one of just four Australian organisations (and one of two schools) to receive this award. Our school was nominated for the following reasons…

In our pursuit of inclusive education at Claremont, we initiated a multifaceted approach. Firstly, we transformed our learning spaces into visually appealing, inviting, and safe environments with flexible designs to align with our pedagogical model. Our classrooms include breakout spaces to support individual learning needs and to enhance group collaboration. Simultaneously, we redefined our teaching practices, introducing a collaborative teaching model that fosters a fully inclusive setting for all students. This model involves dedicated support from Learning Enrichment Teachers and Teaching and Learning Assistants working within classrooms. Despite initial resistance to not withdrawing students, we courageously persevered.

Additionally, we prioritised a full-time school counsellor who often works directly with students in their learning spaces. We also embarked on a rigorous research project which affirmed our strategic priorities, gave us confidence and informed our ongoing decision making. To address individual needs, we have developed a comprehensive process for developing Individualised Programs which encourages direct student participation and voice. Witnessing happy and flourishing children kept us grounded. Though faced with ongoing challenges, our determined commitment to inclusive education has prevailed.

Follow the link here to see the other Global Inclusion Award Winners from around the world.

Mr Thomas our Principal says; "I am so thrilled for Claremont to be recognised in this way. For me personally, the reason why I initially chose to become a teacher was to work in a school where students with disabilities and special needs were included in a mainstream setting. More recently, my professional experiences at Claremont have equipped me for giving back - working in India advocating for marginalised and vulnerable children, especially those with disabilities and slum kids who have limited or no access to a school and education.

For Claremont, what we have created over the past decade truly has been a team effort. I am so proud of our teachers, professional support staff and leadership team. I honour their passion, commitment and dedication to our school, and to their students. My team inspires me!

Claremont College continues to be a world leading ‘light house’ school, pointing others to Jesus. We seek to be a school that serves and impacts our students, families and community, and be a place that brings light, hope and love."