Well-being @ Claremont – Caring for kids, mums and dads

Your well-being is always high on the agenda here at Claremont. Well-being initiatives for students, families and staff are integral to the current Strategic Plan of our school. When our current Strategic Plan 'Our Story, Our Vision' (2016-2020) was developed I don’t think any of us anticipated how just how important well-being would be, as the few short years progressed, to the life and mission of our school community. In fact, when this important document was first researched and drafted, we were one of just a few school’s that identified ‘well-being’ (especially teacher and staff well-being) as being a strategic priority. In line with this vision, many well-being initiatives, activities, events and educational programs feature strongly in the day to day life and calendar of our school.

Mums’ and Friends Night with Chelsea Pottinger
This term we have welcomed our mums (and their friends) and female staff to this women’s well-being event which was a fun and inspiring night of refreshment and encouragement. Thank you Mrs Janelle Ford (Deputy Principal) for organising this event and for leading the vision with the way we care for our mums.

Dads Night at the Diggers
Our Term 2 ‘Fathering Project’ gathering at Coogee Diggers was just fabulous. We had 13 dads attend and we had an energetic conversation for a couple of hours on topics that included social media, e-safety, the law and police working in partnership with schools, the Dads’ and Kids’ Camp, NAPLAN, parenting principles and boundary setting, parent involvement in school life, and the power of dads talking with their children, having courageous conversations with them, and getting connected to their kid’s school and ‘world’. Thank you to the dads who came along. I was very much encouraged and inspired by your passion and commitment to being a great father.

Don't forget that our next ‘Fathering Project’ event will be the Dads’ and Kids’ Bingo Night on Friday 14th June. Bookings are essential.

Doug Thomas