White ribbon day

24th November 2017


Reflecting on violence and bullying

This morning a good number of students, staff and parents participated in the Randwick Council White Ribbon March. Since its inception a few years back, Claremont College has always has a significant presence in this event. We have been personally thanked and acknowledged in recent years by the Police Commissioner, Members of Parliament and the Mayor. Today was no exception as we rang bells on the footpath and decorated the front of the school in white.

If the statistics are correct, and there is no reason to think they are not, it is very sad to consider that we have members of our school community who are presently impacted by domestic violence. I reiterate the important theme of White Ribbon Day, that violence is not okay, people love you and want to help you, so that this will stop. I pray that if you are a victim of violence or harassment, or you have been in the past and have kept it to yourself, please tell someone. You do not have to live with this. Violence, intimidation and bullying in any shape or form is not acceptable, and this school works hard to convey this message to children as they learn to express their feelings and emotions, through to all people. We are here to help, and respond as soon as we are told.


Claremont College takes this matter seriously and we have many systems and structures to help kids who are bullied. Our AntiBullying Policy (Bullying Prevention & Intervention) is located on our website. We have a Weekly Pastoral Care Team comprising myself, Mrs Ford (Deputy Principal), Mrs McKenzie (School Counsellor), Mrs Dalheim (Head of Learning Support) and Mr David Wright (whose role is funded by the National Chaplaincy Grant) who meet every Monday morning to discuss and review student and staff well-being matters. Student Pastoral Care matters are also raised as our first agenda item at every weekly staff meeting, which is held after school on Monday.

 If you ever have a well-being concern, especially in relation to bullying, confirmed or suspected, please inform the school. At this time of the year particularly, if you are worried about your child, and are hoping that a concern may go away, simply by waiting for the holiday and hoping for a fresh start in the new year, please tell us now. Parents can be assured of confidentiality if they call the school, or email us at

Mr Doug Thomas

24th November